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K.Will 5th mini-Album Cover

K.Will – Day 1 Lyrics

English Translation: What are you doing today? Are you busy? If not, do you want to hang out with me? I have something to tell you, it’s nothing special but I think I like you…

Man From The Star OST Part 2

K.Will – Like A Star Lyrics

English Translation: Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing In my heart, I can feel you I knew I would fall in love with you I had no choice but to love you Because in my…

KWill & Noel – Tears Perfume Lyrics

English Translation: As I’m walking on the street among the many people There is a familiar scent, maybe it’s you As if time stopped for a moment, with the faraway memories I stood still and…

K.Will 3rd Album Part 2 Cover

K.Will – Fade Out Lyrics

English Translation: Your cold eyes Your tearful words Make me predict a break up so I tense up For a moment, I can’t say anything In front of the almost changing traffic light, your heart…

K.Will 3rd Album Part 2 Cover

K.Will – Marry Me Lyrics

English Translation: I’ve been waiting for this moment, feel so right The blue sky is filled with sunshine Everything is perfect I imagine you throwing the bouquet and giving a toast – you’re my wife…

K.Will 3rd Album Part 2 Cover

K.Will – Memories Ringing Lyrics

English Translation: Drip, drip, my hidden memories slip and fall from my eyes and hit the back of my hands Softly, I close my eyes but the memories grow clear, your name, your face I…

K.Will 3rd Album Part 2 Cover

K.Will – Lay Back Lyrics

English Translation: Lay back, I won’t hurt you Lay back, I’ll get back and watch you Say you love me Baby hug me Oh tell me I’m the only one woo Give me your love…

K.Will 3rd Album Part 2 Cover

K.Will – Bon Voyage Lyrics

English Translation: Where to go Where to go Where to go Fly away girl, bon voyage As if I’m possessed by something I hold your hand And I keep annoying you Do you want to…