JVNR White Pansy Cover

JVNR – White Pansy Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Mundeuk tteoollabeorin Chagapgiman haesseotdeon Itji mothan sigani Heurin gieok sogeseo Aesseo ijeuryeo haedo Hwaryeohaetdeon siganui areumdawotdeon. If I can take the time back to you, I’ll never let you be alone I…

JVNR 1st EP Album Cover

JVNR – Moonlight Lyrics

Official English Translation/Romanized: The sun is dying but there’s moonlight. There’s no shine but another light. The words are flying but all the lies. If there’s no light then I’ll be the light. Oh don’t…

JVNR 1st EP Album Cover

JVNR – Integration Lyrics

 Official English Translation/Romanized: Something is missing Deep inside the loneliness. Everything is upside down. Or is it just playing my head? Don’t wanna believe it’s another illusion. I forgot the way to turn around, Or…