Infinite H

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Infinite 2nd Album Cover

Infinite H – Alone Lyrics

English Translation: I’m making you cry again, just like always Looking at the same place is only momentary Even the passing wind and the feelings Even if you’re by my side I’m making you cry…

Infinite H Debut Album Cover

Infinite H – Fly High Lyrics

(Feat. Baby Soul) English Translation: On top of the stage or on TV Wherever it may be, I will find you. For you Online or on the road We’re always there. I don’t need a…

Infinite H Debut Album Cover

Infinite H – Without You Lyrics

(Feat. Zion T) English Translation: Even when you’re not here, I’m frustrated Even when I have no time, I keep on waiting When you’re not here Even if I’m all grown up, I’m naive When…

Infinite H Debut Album Cover

Infinite H – Special Girl Lyrics

(Feat. Bumkey) English Translation: Glimpsing at you without anyone noticing it became my habit And sometimes, when our eyes meet I become an actor acting as if it was nothing Action, I often think about…