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Hari Bad Boy

Hari – Bad Boy Lyrics

English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Gakkeumssigeun meonjeo jeonhwahaedo doejanha Songaragi bureojingeotdo anijanha Neon neomuhae nappeunnoma Cheoeumeneun sisikolkolhan geuyaegido Dajeonghage jalman deureojugonhadeoni Neon byeonhaesseo nappeunnoma Amuraedo nan jeomjeom jichyeoganabwa Harujongil honjarago neukkyeojilttae Neolbogosipeungeol…

Hari Single Cover

Hari – Gwiyomi Song Lyrics

English Translation: Over a chocolate muffin Waiting for a cup of savory milk Oppa and I sit facing each other And scribble on each other’s hands Don’t look at other girls No matter what they…