Haeil Playlist Cover

Haeil – Playlist Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Take a break Jigeum neon museun saenggak haneunji Deullyeojullae neoui playlist Don’t be embarrassed Baby urin ice cream neukkim Neoui ieopone saeeo naoneun noraedeulcheoreom Come play with me Don’t be afraid Neoui…

Haeil Lil Time Cover

Haeil – Lil Time Lyrics

English Translation: Someone touch my body Wake up Have a short conversation out of my control It’s not bad, even if the air is a little cloudy Cause you’re mine for only a little time…


Haeil – STILL AWAKE Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Nuneul gamanneunde Jameun oji anne Neoui saenggage jame deulji mothaneun bam My pulse on overload, overdose Um I place out in the dark Geu soge neoe daehan gieokdeureul jallado Kkorie kkorireul mulgo…