Geeks F.I.L.A

Geeks – F.I.L.A Lyrics

(Feat. DJ Dopsh) English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: [Lil Boi] She’s a rock star I dosiui byeol Never give up the game geunyeoui jwaumyeong Myeongpumbaek daesin geolchin chaekgabang Kkumimeobtjiman kkumin deutan dream…

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Geeks – Fly Lyrics

English Translation: I just need your love, I need you I just need your love, I only need you When you’re struggling, I’ll be the one you can lean on Though it’s still awkward, though…

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Geeks – Hold It Down Lyrics

English Translation: Girl, you gotta hold it down All day, you just look at our relationship and I can’t understand your attitude No matter how much I think, we need to keep the standards of…