EPEX Sunshower Cover

EPEX – Sunshower Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Oneulttara waenji Jongil maldago Wanbyeokan oneul nalssi mannajago (phone call) Neoui beonho matji I’m not wrong (no wrong) Why gyesok bujaejung neon batji ana Nareul aetaeuryeoneunji I buranhan feeling mwonji Machi rek…

EPEX Do 4 Me Cover

EPEX – Do 4 Me Lyrics

English Translation: In my next life I wanna be born as your cat, nuna It’s cute but You only play with the cat every day, it’s too much I wanna be next to you too…

EPEX Lock Down Cover

EPEX – Lock Down Lyrics

English Translation: Hurry lock down Everybody lock down Hurry lock down Everybody lock down Hands up, there are no blind spots All phones, all pics, all camera People’s mental states have become sick A war…