DPR LIVE Hula Hoops Cover

DPR LIVE – Hula Hoops Lyrics

English Translation: Oops! Oops! Oops! Iite cool My icy hoops! (hoops!) My hula hoops (girl you own it) The perfect scent for summer Neon colors Oh I’m special (x2) Coming to you live Yeah, let…

DPR LIVE Yellow Cab Cover

DPR LIVE – Yellow Cab Lyrics

Official English Translation: Things have been very different for me Ever since I met candy I’ve never met anyone quite like her before I was just going about my business Like any other Saturday afternoon…

DPR LIVE Jam & Butterfly Cover

DPR LIVE – Jam & Butterfly Lyrics

English Translation: Jam & butter-fly (Oh ah!) Feelin’ sweet inside (Oh my!) Caramello high (so high) When I take a bite (Of ya!) It’s so appetizing Your love Always hungry for you You make me…