Choi Siwon

CHOI SIWON Riding Cover

CHOI SIWON – Riding Lyrics

English Translation: I take out my old bicycle And tighten the broken nuts Even the relaxed times and memories I had forgotten for a while I loaded everything, and I am on my way now…

Choi Siwon Work Later, Drink Now OST Part 5 Cover

Choi Siwon – Nobody but You Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Bappeun harul bonaego Nae chang wiro noeuri beonjimyeon Geujeya neol tteoolligon hae Joyonghi honja ul su isseul ttae Nae gyeoten hangsang neoyeosseotgo Dangyeonhan ilsangieosseosseo Sum swideut ssodajin ni mami Sojunghadangeol mollasseotji I…