Choi Cello

Choi Cello Coloring Cover

Choi Cello – Coloring Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Eodideun jal manneun cheok haesseo Sasil nan geuwan bandaeya Sumeul goseul chatgo isseo Naege neon geureon jonjaeya Neoneun pieonago Naege seumyeodeureo Pieonago Tto seumyeodeureo Ireoke nareul seuchyeo jinaga Baby you know that…

Choi Cello BLUE

Choi Cello – Blue Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: As if nothing had happened It’s just a day like that If you fall in love with sweetness, It’s like everything’s gonna fall apart How does it feel to be blue? I’m…