BIBI – NAAN Lyrics

English Translation: Open your eyes Mind your own business Own business and I Keep yourself low So no one can extend their hand to me I don’t need anyone’s warmth Don’t need any helping hands…

BIBI Cigarette and Condom Cover

BIBI – Cigarette and Condom Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Pillyohaji anchi maneun geosi I can feel some rubbers under my back Chaenggyeoyaneun hani pack of cigarette and con them Eodiinnyamyeon a, in my bag Dambae han gap jeolsilhae neol piugo nan…

BIBI Im Good At Goodbyes Cover

BIBI – I’m Good At Goodbyes Lyrics

English Translation: Until a new leaf grows on top of the broken tree Until you can’t see it anymore Until the darkness goes away And the dew falls Until the golden bird flies away While…