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BEAST – You Lyrics

Romanized: [DW] I’m gonna make you love me nul saranghandago Nan niga isseo haengbokhae ounjaena neoppun in geol [KK] Ahjikeun maleun mothaedo neol bomyeon jaggu ddeollyeodu Ounjaena nan neol saengakhanundae ahjik neonun molla nae sarangeun…

BEAST 8th mini-Album Cover

BEAST – YeY Lyrics

English Translation: The unnecessary fire of emotion Don’t need to burn it anymore Even when I endlessly turn and turn In the end, I’m in the same place I countlessly fall and get up again…

BEAST Single Cover

BEAST – Gotta Go To Work Lyrics

English Translation: I love spending time with you So much that I’m losing everything else Even my friends who call me sometimes (I’m sorry ma friends) When I look into your eyes and breathe in…

BEAST 6th mini-Album Cover

BEAST – We Up Lyrics

English Translation: Give it to me now We up Hey little sexy Ma bubble bubble gum baby Why lonely lonely your pretty face looks worn Your feel today doesn’t look so good so Imma take…

BEAST 6th mini-Album Cover

BEAST – History Lyrics

English Translation: No one interrupt our story My sweet whisper is starting now Like an unbelievable dream, I’ll embrace you so you can’t wake up Come closer to me I’ll protect you Tonight is our…

BEAST 6th mini-Album Cover

BEAST – Dance With U Lyrics

English Translation: We fought, yelled, and cried everyday but those were the good times now that I think about it. Our time together is like a finished song, it’s still replaying in my heart When…