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BEAST – You Lyrics

Romanized: [DW] I’m gonna make you love me nul saranghandago Nan niga isseo haengbokhae ounjaena neoppun in geol [KK] Ahjikeun maleun mothaedo neol bomyeon jaggu ddeollyeodu Ounjaena nan neol saengakhanundae ahjik neonun molla nae sarangeun…

BEAST Scholar Who Walks The Night OST Cover

BEAST – Without You Lyrics

English Translation: In my steep life In my sharpened density Like a dream, like a painting You make me live The war-like tears that belonged to me At the end of despair When your warmth,…

BEAST 8th mini-Album Cover

BEAST – YeY Lyrics

English Translation: The unnecessary fire of emotion Don’t need to burn it anymore Even when I endlessly turn and turn In the end, I’m in the same place I countlessly fall and get up again…

BEAST Single Cover

BEAST – Gotta Go To Work Lyrics

English Translation: I love spending time with you So much that I’m losing everything else Even my friends who call me sometimes (I’m sorry ma friends) When I look into your eyes and breathe in…

BEAST Special 7th mini-Album Cover

BEAST – 12:30 Lyrics

English Translation: The glass bottle that breaks into pieces with a loud noise, is that how we are like The low sky feels like it’s going to break down soon You who had asked why…

BEAST Special 7th mini-Album Cover

BEAST – Stay Lyrics

English Translation: Oh oh oh oh oh oh Stay by ma side Stay by ma side Stay by ma side Stay I don’t hear about you as much these days I used to laugh and…

BEAST Special 7th mini-Album Cover

BEAST – So Hot Lyrics

English Translation: Hey pretty lady, look into my eyes and put away the typical lines Come close to me, woo baby Your pretty red lips, I wanna steal them tonight Don’t be scared and lean…

BEAST Special 7th mini-Album Cover

BEAST – It’s All Good Lyrics

English Translation: I think we were dangerous to each other That’s why we were always in pain Tears were always in your eyes My reflection in your tears was a crazy me I tried thinking…

BEAST Special 7th mini-Album Cover

BEAST – Drive Lyrics

English Translation: I can’t sleep and memories of you won’t leave Instead of tossing and turning in misery until the morning sun rises I want to get out of my house that feels especially stuffy…

BEAST Special 7th mini-Album Cover

BEAST – Close My Eyes Lyrics

English Translation: It’s dangerous, it feels like I’m barely hanging off the edge of a cliff You used to always look at me but now I keep seeing your turned back (How can we be…