BAE173 – JAWS Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Runnin like I’m gon drown Ajik alsueomneun wichineun blacked out Kkaeultaemyeon kkaewobwa Heona mot jikyeo if I’m wild Splash Beoseona nemonan aqua Hit you like that Sumyeon wi eopseojin apbak Take a…

BAE173 Loved You Cover

BAE173 – Loved You Lyrics

English Translation: You and I are at the last strand Pointing out each other’s flaws Does this pathetic relationship have to repeat? Aren’t you sick of it? How many times has this happened? They say…

BAE173 Crush on U Cover

BAE173 – Crush on U Lyrics

English Translation: Bae173 hit it get it Oh my god! I don’t think I’ve ever met a girl like you Something about you is special Your twinkling eyes make me curious Oh my gosh! The…