ASTRO We Still Be With U Cover

ASTRO – We Still (Be With U) Lyrics

English Translation: Yeah, we’re walking in the dazzling sunlight You and I, our eyes have met Our hands held so tight When I look back, the past seems so far away All of those days…

ASTRO DokGoBin Is Updating OST Part4 Cover

ASTRO – Shiny Blue Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Oneulttara maeum gadeuki Tteodaninda nega dudungsil Mannaneun saramdeulmada nal bomyeo useojugo Joeun il innyamyeo naege mureobwa Goun neoui nune damgin haneure Heulleoganeun gureume nae mam damaseo nege jeonhago sipeo Mannamyeon ana julgeyo…

ASTRO No I Dont Cover

ASTRO – No, I Don’t Lyrics

English Translation: [Rocky] No, okay [Sanha] The summer day that we first met, I keep thinking of that all day I must be the only one thinking of it right [Moonbin] I can’t live without…