N.Flying 7th mini-Album

So, Communication is the 7th mini-Album of N.Flying. This is the first album that new member Seo Dongsung participated in.

First Announced:May 28, 2020
Release Date:June 10, 2020
Active Members in this Album:Seunghyub (J.DON)
Album Links:Naver

Song List

There are a total of 6 songs on the album, all of which were written by J.DON.

(All songs contains a link that you can click to view the lyrics and English translations)

Track No.TitleLyrics written by:
1Oh really. (아 진짜요.) (lead single)이슝협(J.DON)
2Flower Fantasy이승협(J.DON)
3Youth (꽃바람)이승협(J.DON)
4I’m Gonna (아무거나)이승협(J.DON)
5Last Song (마지막 무대)이승협(J.DON)
6E-Yo (에요)엔플라잉(N.Flying)

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