Block B Zico – Sam Lyrics

English Translation:


(Aren’t you jealous?)

Seems like I wouldn’t know right?
I already know everything, your true feelings
The light that you worked so hard for
Is covered by my shadow, inferiority complex explodes

Just say that you’re envious, I’ll give you a pat
If Zico is the leader then you just play the follower role
If you don’t like it then be an extra, it’s a Feel that digests well
I’m reggae hair, predator, you’re alien

Isn’t it heavy, my rising pressure
I’m everyone’s in-law! All are painfully jealous
I make ground shake many times with just one mixtape
Come night-time everyone’s talking about it

This is not a fiction, purely self-praise
Try to catch up to me, human (Brrrrrah)
I bet you’re dying, it’s faster to just admit it
A rap star is coming out, clear the way (beep beep honk honk)

(Aren’t you jealous)

At 19 I’m a main producer
I only take pride in my rap, I don’t act disgracefully
After finishing a murderous schedule, right back to the studio

Your surrounding is silent, my surrounding is noisy
“whos the ruler??”

Aren’t you feeling so bitter inside?

You fake a cough pretending not to be nervous
You huff and puff, jump up and down to win me

but it’s far from over like Drizzy

Aren’t I hateful? So you make up nasty commets
You use what you have to belittle me
Cock sucker you make a confrontation through rap with that kind of method and bothersome behavior?
I’m really bursting with laughter

On one hand, I’m tired
Inside the interest that is hotter than a tropical night
I don’t know where I should stay
“Frustration prohibited”
It’s gonna right it’s gonna be OK

(Are you tired and weary? Wake up)


Naega moreulgeot gatji?
Nan imi da aljirong nideurui songmaeum
Eoryeopsari badeun jomyeongjocha
Nae geurimjae garyeojyeo yeoldeunggam pokbal
Geunyang bureopdago hae todagyeojulge
Juyeoni jikomyeon neon chujongja yeogeul hae
Sirheum ekseuteura hae sohwa jal hal feeliya

Nan regemeori, peuredeteo neon eillieon
Mugeopji nae sangseungsee apbak
Nan maninui sadon! Modu bae apahae
Jisangpa myeot hoe miktep han jange
On jeonyeoge ipsomun ilpamanpa
This is not a fiction sunjeonhi ji jarang

Ttarajababwa ingana ppurrrrrrr
Yongyongjukgetji injeonghaneun pyeoni ppalla
Raepseutaga nagasinda gireul bikyeo ttwittwippangppang

Nan yeorahobe meinpeurodyuseo
Raebeuroman saengsaengnae an tteoreo jujeop
Sarinseukejureul machimyeon gotbaro seutyudio

Ni jubyeoneun goyo nae jubyeoneun ungseong
“who’s the ruler ??”
Jeokjianhi sogi sseuriji?

Neon ginjang an taneuncheokharyeoda heotgichim
Ssikssikdaemyeo nal igiryeo bangbang ttwiji
But it’s far from over like drizzy
Yalmipji? Haeseo akseongdaetgeureul jakseong
Gajeun sureul sseoseo nareul bihahagi apseo
Cock sucker geureon bangbeomnongwa
Geodong bulpyeonhan raebeuro daegyeolgudoreul mandeureo?
Na jinjja ppang teojyeosseo

Hanpyeoneuron jom pigonhae
Yeoldaeya boda tteugeoun gwansim soge
Momdulbareul moreugetda

It’s gonna right it’s gonna be OK