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ZICO (지코)
"No You Can't"

Official English Translation:

Who could have known?
From a bean-sized little rookie
Now thought to be one of the top rankers
You’re just loud, your throat is the only thing major, yeah

I’m going mental, raise the beat some more
Now, I’m ready to meditate
Sharp, sharp
My melodies lit
Shove it in your brain!

Young bro claiming to hate anything mainstream
You just got caught dancing on the inside
Okay okay
Do I look like I’m about to be out of the game?
Come to my show, ride the waves
Then talk the talk, and then pay up, pay up

My track is the best cure for hipster disease
From kids to elderly, everyone on hip-hop
Artists be pushing release dates instead of beats
Cause ZICO’s new track is about to drop

I’ve seen the light, since I’ve worn goggles
Your future is dark, since you’ve worn goggles
What’s surprising is that you ain’t even one of the two
But acting like you’re something

While I rhyme, I go to cut your throat
Trembling over here, crying over there
I show some scary progress
The whole music scene gets infected by my viral marketing

My luck won’t run out, I write a rhyme
Cause matching rhymes is my profession
Chances of going broke is next to none, bruh
When I turn forty
It will change the definition of being old
If you keep being grumpy
You gon get kicked in the ass

What? My rap technique has improved just this moment
Unpredictable and dynamic like my life on a graph
Y’all seem greedless
Your size like a new couple, so baby darling
Umm, I’m at a loss for words
Just say bye-bye when we’re in good terms
This is an expert course (KOZ)
Can’t play game with just principles, damn

Who could have predicted?
Check it out, before and after
No guides or manuals
I got it without them, a mind of a master
Yo, I put trophies instead of jewelry in the cabinet
Why would I need diamonds when I shine myself?

I have been pushed to the back before
But I overcame, went higher than where I was
Made standing records proudly
Living up to my own expectations

The only thing lacking is sleep and Vitamin D
My friends tell me that I should rest a bit
I thought about it, but then I wanted to spit
I make territory in your area

I treat the frame out
This is the real flex, baby
I own a Samsung Galaxy
But I eat them like an Apple, huh
Even when I flow simple
Can’t control my swag
They all tell me to bring it everywhere
I feel like a moneylander

You should be more motivated
Weird fashion, artificial voice
Story about money that anyone could write
I don’t feel anything from it
I’ve been just singing recently, lalala
I hold my title, living an easy life
I’m that most topical four-letter word
You being careless is because of your lack of ability

You should be mad, grit and grit
I see you grating your teeth, I laugh and laugh
They were planning to rake in the beginning of the year
But they be doing almost nothing
Why don’t you do it
Why don’t you quit
Please understand when I say
Don’t bother flapping
It’s obvious that you ain’t fly, am I right?
Am I right?

This is my stage
This is a grand festival
Come get your lesson
No, you can’t
No, you can’t
No, you can’t
No, you can’t


Nuga yesangina haetgesseo
Kongalman han aesongieseo
Sonkkopineun tap raengkeo
Moksoriman keun neon mongman major yeah

Jeongsini sanawo biteu jom kiwo bwa
Now, I’m ready to meditate
Yerihae yerihae
Gaejjeoneun mellodi meiking hae
Kkoja ne noerie!

Choesin yuhaeng geukyeomhaneun haksaeng chingu
Banggeum naejeok daenseu chun geo ttak geollyeosseo
Okay okay
Kkeunmul gata boindamyeon?
Nae gongyeonwaseo pado tago
Dasi tteodeureo geurigo don nae don nae

Hongdaebyeong yebangen nae noraega jikbang
Eorini, eoreusinkkaji ssageuri da hipap
Gasudeul bakja daesin balmaeil mildang
Iyuneun jiako sinbo chulsi imbak

Nan bicheul bwatji gogeul sseun hubuteo
Neon eoduwo api gogeul sseun hubuteo
Chunggyeokjeok sasireun eoneu jjokdo haedang an doeneun
Nomi kkok mwo gachi guneun geo

Raimdo matchul gyeom ne mogaji kkeuneureo ga
Yeogin deoldeoldeol jeogin huljjeokuljjeok
Museoun chuireul boyeo
Nae baireol maketinge gayogye jeonyeom

An tteoreojyeo unppal I write a rhyme
Jigeop teukseongsang uneul ttuiunikka
Manghal hwangnyureun geoui ppang peuroda inma
Naega maheuneul neomgimyeon
Bakkwilgeol oldeuui jeonguiga
Simsul naseo eogitjang notagan
Geodeochayeo bolgijjak

Ani geusae neureosseo raep tekeunik
Nae insaeng geuraepeugachi byeonchikjeogigo dainamikae
Jyaenen yoksimi eomneunji gyumoga
Gat sagwin keopeuldeulcheoreom agi, jagi hae
Geuman ppaippaihae joeun gamjeongil ttae
Yeogin sanggeupja kojeu
Sinnyeommaneuron an doeneun geim damn

Nuga jimjagina haetgesseo
Hwaginhaera before & after
Eotteohan gaideuna maenyueol
Eopsi kkaeuchin a mind of a master
Yo jangsikjange jyueolli ppaego teuropireul kkara
Hugwangi namyeon daia ttawi isseuna mana

Birok dwiro millin jeok itjiman
Wigireul ditgo dasi wonwichiboda wiro
Gieoi girok seusigo gisedeungdeung
Jasinhante geon gidaee buheung jung

Bujokan bubuneun sumyeongwa bitamin d
Jubyeonindeul naege gwonhae hyusik
Swieo galkka hada gapjagi raep maryeowo
Ne guyeoge yeongyeokpyosi

I treat the frame out
Yogeosi chamdoen flexya baby
Gaelleoksi yujeoinde
Ttaeron neungcheongseureopge megiji huh
Danjoropge flowreul tado
Jojeol an dwae seuwegi
Eodil gadeun da naenoeurae
Tto bitjaengi sinseji

You should be more motivated
Nanhaehan paesyeon gagongdoen moksori
Nuguna sseulbeopan don yaegi
Amureon jageukdo mot neukkyeo
Yo geullae noraeman bulleosseo rulluralla
Gyesok taiteul yujihamyeonseo kkul ppara
Nan gajang hwajeseong inneun du geuljaya
Saljjak bangsimhan geon neoga muneunghan tat

Ppakchil subakke badeudeuk badeudeuk
Ireul ganeun moseube kkyareureuk kkyareureuk
Saekkideul yeonchoe sseureobeoril gyehoekadeoni
Ije waseo haneun dung maneun dung
Why don’t you do it
Why don’t you quit
Saram malgwi jom aradeutgil
Guji nalgaetjit wae hae sae doel ge
Ppeonhal tende geurae an geurae?
Geurae an geurae?

Yeogin nae mudae
Yeogin daechukje
Waseo han su baewo
No, you can’t
No, you can’t
No, you can’t
No, you can’t

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