Yoon Jong Shin – From January To June Lyrics

English Translation:

On January 13, which was especially cold, I first met her, who laughed a lot
She said she never spent a birthday with a boyfriend before
She liked shoes and bags and that was so cute
She said I looked sad from behind as she took a picture and smiled
On the sunny first day of April, I made her cry for the first time
After seeing her pretty eyes get puffy, I cried too

Every time we fought, we always used the word “break up”
We wouldn’t talk to each other for days, having a tense battle
Would she know that my heart raced every time I went to pick her up?
I have never met anyone who was better than her in my life
On June 17, she was struggling and broke up with me
In the end, I gave her a scar, although I didn’t mean to

A month passed, a year passed and still, there are times when I miss her
Whenever I pass by that street in Ichon-dong, it’s still clear like it was yesterday
The park at night, the hamburger store, the rice bowl store in the basement


Yunanhi chupdeon 1wol 13il useum manteon geunyeol cheoeum mannatjyo
Han beondo saengireul namjachinguwa bonaen jeok eopdaneun geunyeoreul
Sinbalgwa gabangeul johahaetjiman
Geu moseubi gwiyeopgeman boyeotgo
Nae dwitmoseubi seulpeo boindamyeo
Sajineul jjikdaga geunyeoga useotjyo
Haessal ttaseuhan 4worui cheotnal
Geunyeoreul cheoeum ulligo maratjyo
Tungtung bueobeorin geunyeo goun du nun
Nado geuman ureobeoryeotjyo

Ssaul ttaemyeon urineun seoseohi
Ibyeoriran daneoreul ibe ollyeotjyo
Seoro myeochilssik yeollakdo anhan chae gissaumdo beollyeotjyo
Maeil geunyeoreul derireo gadeon gil
Neul seolletdaneun geol geunyeoneun alkkayo
Nae insaeng han beondo geunyeoreul igin
Geu eotteon nugudo mannan jeok eobseotjyo
6wol 17il himdeureotdeon geunyeo
Naege geuman heeojijago haetjyo
Gyeolguk geunyeoege sangcheoman jwonneyo
Jinjja nae mam geuge aninde

Han daldo jinago il nyeondo jinago
Jigeumdo geunyeoga gakkeum bogo sipeojil ttaega itjyo
Ichondong geu gil ajikdo jinal ttaen
Machi eoje ilcheoreom seonmyeonghaeyo
Bame gongwondo geu haembeogeo jipdo
Jihasangga geu deopbap jipdo