Wax (왁스)
"Can you finish me? (날 끝낼 수 있나요)"

English Translation:

Can you end it with me?
Even when you said you loved me with all your life?

What happened? Is it my fault?
Are you trying to cut me out of your life?

It hurts so much, it’s so sad
So I’m just bowing my head low and crying
But you just left me, is that how much you hate me?
Me, who was your life
Me, who was so bright in your life

How could you do this? Even if you hate me
How could you so easily end our love?

It hurts so much, it’s so sad
So as you were leaving me behind
I couldn’t hold onto you, just crying like a fool
Me, who was your life, who you loved so much

Wasn’t it hard to leave me?
I’m sure you’re hurting as much as me
Have you already thrown the times of our love
Into the memories?
Are you trying to end me?

It hurts so much, it’s so sad
I loved you more than I loved me
Was that not enough? Is it too late to hold onto you?
Our love, that was our life
Our was, that was endlessly beautiful

Can you really end things with me?
Me, who you loved like your life?


Nareul kkeunnael su innayo neul moksumcheoreom saranghanda haenneunde

Eotteoke doen geojyo naega jalmothaennayo
Ije geudae saleseo nareul kkeunnaeryeo hanayo

Neomu apaseo neomu seulpeoseo geunyang gogaereul sugin chae heuneukkineun nal
Sewodun chaero gabeoril mankeum sileojyeonnayo
Geudae moksum gatatdeon geumankeum challanhaesseotdeon nareul dugo

Eotteoke geuraeyo naega sileojyeotdaedo
Uri sarang ireoke swipge kkeunnaeryeo hanayo

Neomu apaseo neomu seulpeoseo nareul beorigo dwidora tteonaneun geudael
Japji mothan chae ulgiman haneun babo gateun na
Geudae moksum gatatdeon geumankeum saranghaesseotdeon

Nareul dugo ganeun ge himdeuljin annayo bunmyeong geudaedo namankeum apeugetjyo
Uri saranghaetdeon saganeul imi chueok soge deonjyeo beoryeonnayo
Nareul kkeunnaeryeo hanayo

Neomu apayo neomu seulpeoyo nado geudaereul naboda saranghaenneunde
Bujok haennayo geudael japgien neujeun geongayo
Uri moksum gatatdeon haneopsi areumdawotdeon uri sarang

Jeongmal kkeunnael su innayo neul moksumcheoreom saranghaetdeon nal