Swings – Lonely Lyrics

(Feat. Yoon Jong Shin)

English Translation:

With the heavy luggage
I climbed up these high mountains, pretty high
I got it from good woman, L-O-V-E
But the song title will say about my feeling
I went up to the top
And I met T.O.P.
Also the boss Yang over T.O.P.
No way, he knows my name
To stand on the stage I had been
Someone might abandon pride, friends, and family
But I hated that field then
They made me silent who was always talkative
So I started singing again at an underground stage
I flew up higher than I was in the upper village
Really, a lot higher, idols said ‘You rock’
But I lost friends, gained more enemies

But I did well to you
Yes I was real good
Behind my back everyone says ‘He is screwed.
I knew he’d be like that, he won’t make it ever’
A life of Berserk. Beleaguered.
It is hard to catch a chance. Harder than thin vermicelli
I don’t give up easily, I am strong on my own
Even though I always make a face, my heart is

Lonely~ I’m lonely
Although many people are in love
I feel like I am alone

Lonely, so lonely I’m
Although I sing this song, I am lonely
La la la la la la

You were born
You couldn’t do what you wanted to do
Not once after you were born. Now it’s the graduation ceremony
You go to a lame school, your parents don’t have money
There’s not much time before you get a job, what to do
When will this deathly competition end, you gasp
You cannot follow the best one, although you run with blood
Those numerous dreams disappear. It’s a luxury to have a dream
Your friends don’t stay. You shout ‘Let’s go together’
In the day, sleep with hangover, in the night, a night soak in drinks
There are many times you said something you shouldn’t say to your parents
You torture yourself looking at the celebrities
You shake your head, the reunion you will never get to go
You put yourself in the position you took when you were in mother’s womb
In the night without stars, in the sleep without dream… Good night

Tell her I’m coming for her
Tell her it’ll be alright
Tell her everything’s ok
And tell her I love her
Cuz I’m coming home to mama
With a truck full of cash
And ain’t nobody gon stop me
Although I may feel somewhat


Mugeoun jimgabangeul maego i
Nopeun sandeul ollaga bwatji kkwae nopi
Joheun yeojaegeseo badatji l-0-v-e
Geunde nae gibune daehaeseon norae jemogi
Malhaejulgeoya, nan tabe ollagatji
Geurigo tapdo mannabwatji
Geurigo tap wi yangsajangnim
Maldo an dwae nae ireumeul aldani
Nuguneun naega seo bon mudaee seogi wihae
Jajonsim, chingu, gajokdo beoriltende
Nan geu ttae geu badagi neomu sirheosseo
Hal mari neul manteon nal chimmuk sikyeoseo
Jiha gongyeonjangseo norael dasi sijakhaetji
Witdongnee isseul ttaeboda deo biyakhaetji
Jinjja hwolssin deo, aidoldo ‘hyeong meosisseo’
Geunde chingun jureodeureotgo sabangui jeogeun deo

Geuraedo neoegen jalhaetdago
Geurae jinjja chakhaetdago
Dwieseon dadeul geurae ‘jeo nom manghaenne.
Cheombuteo jeoreol jul arasseo, jinjja an doel ae’
Bereusereukeuui sarm. Samyeonchoga
Gihoeneun japgi himdeureo.. Yarbeun dangmyeonboda
Swipge pogihaji anha, nado nareum ganghae
Insangeul neul pak sseugo danyeodo nae aneun

Lonely~ i’m lonely
Manheun saramdeuri saranghaedo
Honjappunin geot gataseo

Lonely, so lonely i’m
I noraereul bulleodo oeroun geol nan
La la la la la la

Neoneun taeeonasseo.
Hae bogo sipeun geol mot hae bwatji. Taeeonaseo
Dan han beondo eobtji. Ije gogyo joreopsik
Sisihan hakgyoe ga, bumonimeun don eobtji
Chwijikhal nal eolma namji anhasseo, eotteokhae
Jugil gyeongjaeng eonje kkeutnalgeonya. Heogeokdae
Neol chyeodaboji annneun yeojadeuri miwojyeo
Jallan nom mot ttaragane pi tohamyeo ttwieodo
Geu manteon kkumeun sarajyeo.. Kkumeun sachiya
Chingudeureun an meomulleo, neoneun oechyeo ‘gachi ga’
Najeun sukchwie seokkin jam, bamen sure jeoksin bam
Bumonimkke mot hal maldo da hange jeokjin anheo
Yeonyeindeul bomyeo jasineul gomunhae
Gogael jeollejeolle heundeureodae, mot nagal dongmunhoe
Eomma baessoge isseul ttaeui jasel chwihago
Byeori eomneun bamgwa, kkumi eomneun jam sogeuro.. Jal ja

Tell her i’m coming for her
Tell her it’ll be alright
Tell her everything’s ok
And tell her I love her
Cuz’ i’m coming home to mama
With a truck full of cash
And ain’t nobody gon stop me
Although I may feel somewhat