SPEED – Focus Lyrics

English Translation:

OK Focus
I’m Woo Taewoon, even if you give me a phone call, it’ll be missed
You’ll be biting your nails, with uncomfortable eyes, mentally breaking down
I’m an idol but I love my culture
Because I never thought of hip-hop as an exhibition for babies
I’m proof this chance and I’m show them what you got
In broadcast terms, my influence is like the public channels

Look at the bastards who talk smack about playing-pretend idol rappers
Don’t you think it’s a waste for your young age?
I’m like the sweet rain that will change the dry earth
This is my fate
My flow is like a railway without congestion
A meaningful sermon that cuts up all the branches
My rhythm is an electric saw
Now throw your hands up high

Royal class baby

My rap is like a Buddha statue
They see me and bow their heads
At the same time, I’m talking
I protect the purity of hip-hop
I don’t lose my original intentions
From all those who criticized me
In terms of a song, I’m like the chorus
I’m about to explode like a falsely accused victim
I’m putting all my hidden talents on this song
A song to gift the bastards without a vision
Praying to this song, which is the most fitting
I’m as ripe as can be
A few probably already peed in their pants
You can’t even zip up your pants, putting up a fight with what’s sticking out
My portrait is taking form above in the clouds
It’s like hum yeah yeah
I’m just fucking good
I wanna see you worshipping me
After worshipping me, you’ll get to respect me
Now take focus once more
Fo fo focus, to the start of this rap

Thanks to DEEP’s and radiogalaxi production
We out


OK Focus I’m utaeun
Phone call haedo nan bujaejung
Sontop mureo tteudeumyeo geudaedeureun machi bulpyeonhan
Nunbicheuro mentalbunggoejung
Nan aidorijiman nae munhwareul saranghae
Hiphabeul aegideul bangnamhoe jeongdoro saenggakchi anhatgie
I’m proof this chance and i’m show them what you got
Imi nae pageumnyeok bangsongeuro chimyeon gongjungpa
Sokkupjangnansik aidol raeppeo kkaneun nomdeureun bwa
Nideul paranmanjanghan naiga akkapjido anheulkka
Memareun ttang insigeul bakkwo jul danbi gateun ja
Amuraedo ige nae sajupalja
Jigeum nae flow chejeung eomneun cheoldo
Uimi inneun seolgyo gajideureun da beolmok
Nae rideumeun jeongitop da da da da da
Ja dadeul meori wiro deureoboja sonbadak

F.O.C.U.S royal class baby

Nae raebeun dolbucheo nal bomyeon gogaereul da sugyeo
Dongsie nan mariya sunyeo jikyeo hiphabiran sungyeol
Jeuk chosim an irheo suryeomhae jijeok badeun geotdeulbuteo
Mwo noraero pureobojamyeon nan ama huryeomgu
Numyeong sseun pihaejacheoreom pokbal jikjeon jung
Sumgyeo dun nae jaeneung modu I noraee giyeo jung
Bijeondo eomneun nomdeullobuteo seonmulhal gok jung
Jeil jeokhaphan I tracke gido jung
Na mureuigeul ttaero mureuigeosseo
Myeotmyeocheun ama ojumeul jiryeosseo
Neo baji jipeobi andoe ppijyeoseo naon mulgeone geontureul bireo
Jeo gureum wiro hyeongsanghwadoeneun nae eolgurui jahwasang
It’s like hum’ yeah yeah i’m just fu**ing god
Nan wonhae nideuri naege sungbaehaneun moseup
Man beone chambae dwie naege saenggil jonjung
Ja dasi hanbeon chojeomeul matchwo
Fo fo focus I raebi sijakjeom
Thanks to DEEP’s and radiogalaxi production We out