Son Simba (손심바)

English Translation:

It’s yo simba son of what to write after
You guys maybe gun or bxtch this too
If you’re thinking of talking about this, you’ll turn off too
I attach god, this father’s child is spoiled

Mo fxckers knowing I’m a sinner
Jump into the fire and trade yourself
When you say there’s a problem with my method
I’m looking at it first, rps

Yo I’m not greedy in my life called oppa
Petition not to do homework only when it is safe
Safety first coaster without my style belt
I chewed the rappers’ katok with only praise

I sympathize but you can’t move
Even if my heart is hot while watching me fight
It was much more scary to stain the comment window
If that’s the case, I’d rather die like this, alone

Don’t try to tie this up as a woman vs. Man
There is an excess of self-consciousness full of confidence.
But this is crime and justice, good and evil
You’re trying to spoil the exact essence.

To the b#llsh#t that I defended room n
The boyz, the b#llsh#ts who misunderstood the present
The sound of the dogs sitting close to ip
A rap that changes so that you can’t even think of opening your mouth

Yes, of those rumors that you used as a weapon
The source is shichengirl of conscience, by today
I realized again but you look forward to it
Unlike your lies, I aim the truth at you

I suffer for a moment for your crime
Write down your comments, your fears eat up
Even if he dies by rumors, he is called’soon kook seonyeol’
Also, the “holy spirit” you throw stones on the history of me

I don’t even answer when I say I can’t make music
Critic pasoon knows it doesn’t suit your taste
What makes you talk about hip-hop from your perspective
If it’s better than me who lives hip-hop, it’s just amen

Show hip-hop fans respect
I’ve never seen it before, you’re mc’s blood
It’s easy to move society instead of a concert hall
My thug life is similar to tupac

Musashi with a double cross around his neck
You’re my master, I don’t die
Your argument based only on the number of heads
Look at it being cut, I wish you a good night after covering your fears
Criticism against society and similar
I’ve been biting about silence, hip-hop
I’ll show you the answer in one verse
Even if thousands of thousands gathered and stabbed me

Stand here
Unlike your lies, even if you face the truth
I’m standing
Even when I forget my name and swear again

I’m standing
At the end of the musashi fight with a pair of crosses
I’m standing


It’s yo simba son of , geudwie mueoseul jeogeo
Neohuideureunama gun ttoneun b*tch igeotdo yeohyeom
Ira tteodeureodael saenggagiramyeon neodo kkeojyeo.
Nan buchiji god. I abeoji jasigeun beoreuseopseo.

Mo f*ckers naega joeinimeul algie
Bulsoge ttwieodeureo seuseurol jangsajinae
Nae bangsige munje itdago ttajilttae
Nan ildan mogajittago bondago rps

Yo opparo bullineun insaengeneun yoksimeopseo
Anjeonhalttaeman sukjecheoreom hajiana cheongwon
ㅈkkara anjeonjeil. Nae style, belt eomneun coaster
Chingchanppunin raepeodeurui katok ssibeosseo.

Gonggamhajiman umjigilsun eopdaneungeon neodo,
Ssauneun nae moseup bomyeonseo gaseumtteugeowodo
Daetgeulchang deoreopineunge hwolssin deo museowotgo
Geureongeoramyeon nan charari idaero jugeo hollo

Igeol yeojadae namja ttawiro yeokkeuryeohajimara
Jasingamman gadeukchan jauisikgwaingi naji maja.
Heona igeon beomjoewa jeongui, tto seongwa ak
Jeonghwakan bonjil mangchiryeohaneun marijana

Naega nbeonbangeul onghohaetdan gaesorideure
Deoboijeu hyeonjaewa chakgakaennyan gaesorideure
Aipi ㅈkkago anjeun gaesorideure
Ip beollil saenggakdo mothage gaejojineullaep

Geurae, nega mugirosameun geu somundeurui
Chulcheoga yangsimui sichengeol na oneuljjeume
Dasi kkaedaratda. Hajiman neon gidaereul geodwo
Neoui geojitgwa dalli nan nege jinsireul gyeonwo.

Neoui beomjoero nan jamsiman goerowo
Daetgeul jeokgedwo duryeoumdeuri jamsik hae neol.
Somune kkallyeo jugeodo bullyeojyeo ‘sungukseonyeol’
Tto ‘hogungnyeongnyeong’ neon naran yeoksa wie doreul deonjyeo

Eumak mothandan maren daedapjocha anhae.
Pyeongnonga ppasuni immasen anmanneungeol ane,
Hipabe daehae tteodeulgimanhange neoui sigagen
Hipabeul saneun naboda jotamyeon geujeo amen

Hipap paendeureun boyeora respect
Hanbeondo bonjeok eopseotji neon mcui pitdae
Gongyeonjang daesine sahoereul umjingnyeo swipge
My thug life tupakgwa biseuthae

Ssangsipjagareul moge geon musasi
Ju naui juinin jurani, jugeumeul bulsahaji
Meoritsumani geungeogadoen neoui jujangi
Sseollyeonaganeungeol bwara, gongporeul deopgonaseo puk jagil.

Sahoee daehan bipan, tto eotbiseuthan
Chimmuge daehaeseo mureotteutgyeowasseo hipap
Geu daedap. I verse hanaro boyeojugetdangeoji.

Nan seoisseo
Sucheon sumani moyeo nal jjilleosseodo
Yeogi seoisseo

Neoui geojitgwadalli jinsillo matseodo
Nan seoisseo

Nae ireumeul itgo dasi yokal geuttaeedo
Nan seoisseo

Ssang sipjagareul geon musasi, ssaumui majimage
Nan seoisseo
Nan seoisseo