SNSD – Not Alone Lyrics

English Translation:

Have you ever, even now
That love matures with just one person
Even just wishing for it
I can’t do it well,
but, still
I know

Not Alone
Not Alone
Even if these feelings don’t have an “answer”
Not Alone
Even if all the love songs seem to disappear
I’m the flower that blooms for you
That’s right, I’m not alone

Why am I
Still so afraid?
Was there also such a powerless me here?
Reverting back to a child
I still can’t express my words
I can’t move forward if its only a fairytale

Not Alone
Hey, Not Alone
To think of somebody
Not Alone
The moment I found the truth
What should I call
This feeling?
Precious things in me

Thank you, you gave me
This strength
I’ll be there for you
If I’m needed, I’ll always
Reach out with both hands
Life goes on…

Now I see, that’s right,
Because I wanted to try
Loving somebody forever and ever

Not Alone
Not Alone
Even in a place without lights
Not Alone
Even with tears flowing
I’m the flower that blooms
For you
That’s right, I’m not…
That’s right, I’m not…

I’m not alone anymore


(with individual parts)

[Tiffany] Have you ever imademo
Shinjiteiru no yo
Ai wa tada hitori minoraseru to
[Yoona] Hoshigaru koto sae
Umaku dekinai kedo
[Yuri] Demo ne soredemo ne
Wakatta no

[Taeyeon] Not Alone
Not Alone
“Kotae” no nai omoi mo
[Jessica] Not Alone
Kiesouna love songs tachi mo
[Sunny] Kimi no tame saita hana na no
Sou I’m Not Alone

[Sooyoung] Why am I doushite
Soredemo kowain darou
Konna muryoku na jibun mo ita no?
[Hyoyeon] Kodomo ni modotte
Kotoba mo denakutte
[Seohyun] Fairytale dake ja mou susumenai no ne

[All] Not Alone
Nee Not Alone
[Sunny] Dareka wo omou koto de
[All] Not Alone
[Taeyeon] Shinjitsu wo mitsuketa toki
[Jessica] Konna feeling wo
Nanto yobeba ii?
precious things in me

[Tiffany] Arigatou you gave me
Kono tsuyosa kureta no yo
I’ll be there for you
[Seohyun] Moshi watashi ga hitsuyou nara zutto
Ryoute hiroge
Life goes on…

[Jessica] Now I see sou da yo
Dareka wo zutto zutto
[Taeyeon] Aishitemitai to omotteta kara

[All] Not Alone
Not Alone
[Yuri] Hikaru basho mo naku
[All] Not Alone
[Sunny] Nagareru namida de sae mo
[Jessica] Kimi no tame
Saita hana na no
[Tiffany/Sunny] Sou I’m not…
Sou I’m not…

Mou I’m Not [Jessica] Alone