SNSD – Indestructible Lyrics

English Translation:

Hmm Indestructible~
Yeah Yeah It’s gone by fast, hasn’t it?
The time flows on the way we are
Since when have we started thinking alike?
Fights, Silence, we do everything together
And even then, your voice gives me a feeling of relief

How you like me?
With these new emotional arguments,
It’s so hard
It’s not easy,but it feels nice

This Indestructible Unbreakable
bonds that can never be broken
Our soul is a twin soul (twin soul)
For example,
even if it looks like you’re about to fall from a cliff,
At least know that I won’t let go of your hand

Because I will protect you until the end

Maybe it’s because of you, surprisingly I like myself
There are a lot of things I hate too. And they’re starting to disappear
My dad said to me when I was very little,
“Being with someone you love will make you a stronger person”

Am I just confused now?
I wonder if my feelings have been conveyed to you
honestly I want to tell you about them now

Sometimes important things are just
Invisible They can’t be seen
So, I’ve gotta say this to you over and over again (say to you)
If we were to break up and I didn’t have to feel anything,
well I would want to feel everything
This destiny. Thank you

Let’s let this ship sail Inside the raising (raising)
wind I will never surrender
Not to stop ever
Tie our numerous feelings together and
Head into the world which we have never ever seen

This Indestructible Unbreakable
bonds that can never be broken
It’s certainly our soul
For example, even if someone
were to try and hurt me
No matter what happens, it will be alright

Important things are
Invisible They can’t be seen
So, I want to tell you over and over (want to tell you)
Without you
I wouldn’t be here right now
This destiny



(with individual parts)

[Tiffany] Hmm indestructible~
Yeah yeah

[Seohyun] Hayai no ne tsukihi nagare the way we are
[Yuri] Omoi atte ita hazu ga itsukara ka
[Tiffany] Koron mugon subete o tomoni shita wa
[Yoona] Soredemo sono koe de hotto shiteru

[Tiffany] How you like me?
[Sooyoung] Atarashii kanjoron wa
[Tiffany] It’s so hard
[Sunny] Kantan ja nai kedo attakai

[All] Kono indestructible unbreakable
[Taeyeon] Kesshite koware nai kizuna
Tamashi wa twin soul (twin soul)
[Tiffany] Tatoe anata ga
Gake kara ochi so ni natta toshite mo
[Jessica] Sono te dake wa hanasa nai no

[Tiffany] Indestructible
[Taeyeon] Mamorinuku kara

[Sooyoung] Anata no okage kana zuibun I like myself
[Hyoyeon] Kirai na koto mo daibu ne hettari shite
[Yuri] Ai wo shiru to hito wa tsuyoku nareru tte
[Sunny] Toi mukashi papa ga itte ita koto

[Yoona] Konsen chu?
[Jessica] Omoi wa umaku todoku kana
[Yoona] Dakedo
[Taeyeon] Sunao ni ima tsutaetai

[All] Toki ni taisetsuna mono wa tada
[Tiffany] Invisible meni mienai dakara
Nando mo iwanakya (say to you)
[Seohyun] Fureru koto naku chitte yuku
Shinjitsu ni furetakute
Kono destiny arigato

[Sooyoung] Fune o dasou fukisusabu (raising)
[Tiffany] Arashi no naka surrender
[Sunny] Kesshite yamenai
[Seohyun] Tsuranaru omoi tsunaide
[Taeyeon] Mada never ever minai sekai e

[Jessica] Kono indestructible unbreakable
Kesshite koware nai kizuna
Tashika na our soul
[Tiffany] Tatoe darekaga watashi o
Kizutsukeyou toshite mo
[Seohyun] Nani ga atte mo

[Jessica] Daijobu taisetsu na mono wa
[Taeyeon] Invisible meni mienai dakara
Nando mo ii tai no (Ii tai no)
[Seohyun] Anata nashide wa
Ima kono watashi wa nakatta yo
Kono destiny
[Tiffany] Indestructible

[Tiffany] Indestructible