Seo In Guk & Eunji – Our Love Like This Lyrics

English Translation:

Can you love me even though I’m not enough for you?
I have nothing but love to give to you so do you still love me?

Let’s not say those kinds of things from now on – your heart right now is enough for me
Because we have loving hearts, which are bigger than anything in this world

Someday (far ahead) even if we get old and tired (get tired)
Let’s promise to love just like now – till the day you are in my arms
And we close our eyes (even on that day) let’s be together

I was always lonely – without you, time was long and dark
Now I feel happiness because I have your scent with me

I feel something as I pass the darkness to meet the sunlight
Now I’m not afraid of anything because I am in your arms

After time passes (far ahead) and life becomes hard (becomes hard)
Let’s promise to lean on each others shoulders
Remember today until the day we are together

I have no regrets because we have our love

Far ahead in the days, when life gets hard, let’s lean on each others shoulders
Till the day you are in my arms and we close our eyes (close our eyes)
Until the end of the world, let’s be together

Just like now (just like now) Just like right now (just like right now)


Nal saranghal su innayo
Geudaeege bujokhan nainde
Naegen sarang bakken deurilge eomneungeollyo
Ireon nal saranghanayo

Ijen geureon mal ankiro hae
Jigeum mamimyeon naneun chungbunhae
Urin sesang geu mueotboda deo keodaran
Saranghaneun mam isseuni

Eonjenga uri (meon hutnal)
Neulgeo jichyeogado (jichyeodo)
Jigeumcheoreomman saranghagiro hae
Nae pume angin chae
Nuneul gamneun nal geunaldo hamkkehae

Nan oeroum ppunieotjyo
Geudae eopdeon gin eodumui sigan
Ije haengbokhameul neukkyeoyo
Jigeum naegen geudae hyanggiga isseuni

Nan mueonga neukkyeojyeoyo
Eodumeul jina mannan taeyangbit
Ije geu mueotdo duryeopji anheulgeollyo
Geudae nae pume isseuni

Sigan heulleoga (meon hutnal)
Sarmi himgyeoul ttaen (himgyeoul ttaen)
Seoro eokkaee gidaegiro haeyo
Oneureul gieokhae uri hamkkehal
(uri hamkkehal) nalkkaji

Naneun huhoehaji anhayo

Uri sarang isseuni

Meon hutnal sarmi himgyeoul ttae
Seoro eokkaee gidaegiro haeyo
Nae pume angin chae nuneul gamneun nal
(nuneul gamneun nal)
Sesang kkeutkkaji hamkkehae

Uri idaero (uri idaero)
Jigeum idaero (jigeum idaero)