Say Sue Me (세이수미)
"My Heart (내 마음)"

English Translation Lyrics:

I don’t even know my own heart
There is a part of me that I don’t know
Even when I’m walking slow
My heart is running far away

I don’t know why I’m doing this
I try to walk carefully
But my heart is far away
Even on nights when everyone else is asleep
I’m running with opened eyes

There is a world that I don’t know about
Even when I spend normal days with nothing much happening
My heart is going somewhere
Though I don’t know what it is
I’m running far away
I shouldn’t go too fast
I know this but I can’t help my heart

I will find out, if I follow the instructions
Of the side of me that I don’t evenk now about
No, I may not ever find out
But I don’t need to try to understand
If I keep going, I will know
There is no way I’m stopping

I kept going as my feet led me
And my heart was in that place
I kept going as my feet led me
I was where I was supposed to be
That’s where my love is
Where my heart is
Where my love is


Nado nae maeum moreugesseo
Naega moreuneun naega isseo
Cheoncheonhi geonneun dedo
Nae maeumeun jeo meolli ttwieogago inne

Wae ireoneunji moreugesseo
Josimseure georeuryeo haedo
Nae maeumeun jeo meolli
Moduga jamdeun bamedo
Tteun nuneuro ttwieogago inne

Naega moreuneun segyega isseo
Byeol ireomneun harureul bonaedo
Eodingaro hyanghae nae maeum
Mueosinji ajigeun mollado
Ttwieogago isseo jeo meolli
Neomu ppareumyeon andwae
Almyeonseodo eojjeol suga eopseo nae maeum

Na moreuneun naega sikineun daero
Gada bomyeon alge doel geoya
Ani moreuljido moreujiman
Ihaeharyeo haji anado dwae
Gada bomyeon alge doel geoya
Meomchuneun bangbeobeun eopseo

Bal gil danneun daero gaboni
Eoneusae nae maeumeun geu gose
Bal gil danneun daero gaboni
Eoneusae naega isseul got
Geugosen sarangi
Geugosen nae maeum
Geugosen sarangi