Rothy (로시)
"Sleepless Night (잠이 오지 않는 밤에)"

English Translation:

I guess I woke up because I missed you
It’s all quiet this night

Even the lights on the street were asleep
It reminds me of you more

By the time the darkness disappears outside the window,
Will my heart run away like this too?

Sometimes, I want you to be by my side like the starlight in the sky
Like a dream that’s erased when you open your eyes
With a difficult heart, a day is gone as if nothing happened
Today is hard day
This night, I suddenly long to see you

Someday I will remember this day,
By that time when we’re always together
This sparkling feeling fills my heart
And they’re still shining without change

Even when a long shadow follows me
And I’m shaken by the passing wind

Sometimes, I want you to be by my side like the starlight in the sky
I want you to be there, as I fall asleep on a day that I miss you,
And that my long day can breathe for a moment
As you hug my heart

If I really want to,
Will I be able to fly to you even if it’s just in my dreams?
I’ve been tossing and turning all night
But it becomes clearer when I close my eyes
Colored with memories
In this deepening night


Bogo sipeun maeume jami kkaebeoryeonna bwa
Modu joyonghaejyeobeorin I bam

Georiui bulbitjocha gonhi jamdeureo beoryeoseo
Deo saenggangnana bwa

Changmun bak eodumi sarajil ttaejjeumen
Ireon nae maeumdo daranalkka

Gakkeumeun jeo haneurui byeolbitcheoreom nae gyeoteseo isseojwo
Jamgyeore nuneul tteumyeon jiwojineun kkumirado jokesseo
Eoryeoun maeumdeulgwa amureochi aneundeuthan haruga nan
Himgyeowoseo oneuldo
Mundeuk bogo sipeojin bam

Eonjenga oneuri gieogi nagetji
Geuttae urin neul gyeote isseotji
Nae mamsoge gadeukan
Banjjagineun maeum
Byeonhameopsi binnaneun geol

Gireojin geurimja nareul ttareugo
Seuchineun baramgyeore na heundeullyeodo

Gakkeumeun jeo haneurui byeolbitcheoreom nae gyeoteseo isseojwo
Geuriun naredo jamdeul su itge geu jarie isseojwo
Gireotdeon nae haruga jamsirado sumeul swieo gal su itge
Naui mameul anajwo

Ganjeolhi baramyeon kkumsogeseorado
Nara dachi aneulkka
Bamsae dwicheogimyeo jisaeuneun oneul I bam
Nun gameumyeon deo seonmyeonghaejyeo oneun
Gieokdeullo muldeureo
Jiteojyeo ganeun bam