Paul Kim (폴킴)
"Love Letter (사랑하는 당신께)"

English Translation:

To my love
I have something I want to tell you
Please sit here next to me
And listen to what I have to say

How did we get so close?
I still can’t believe it
What do you think?

While I was wandering, looking for love
I thought I would just stay for a little bit
But now I can’t draw out my tomorrow without you
Who knew?

I was waiting and waiting
For you to return
Then I suddenly thought of
Everything that happened when we first met

I’m sure you know about my worries
That I wrote on this letter that I casually gave to you
But it’s filled with my awkward heart
Please know this

When I see you asleep next to me
These words fill up my eyes
Even if I’m standing at the edge of the world
I love you

My love
I have something I want to tell you


Saranghaneun dangsinkke
Hagopeun mari itso
Jamsi yeogi nae yeope anja
Nae yaegi jom deureojuo

Eojjeoda uriga
Irido gakkawojige dwaenneunji
Nan ajikdo mitgijil anso
Geudaeneun eojji saenggakao

Sarangeul chaja tteodoldeon gire
Jamsi meomun jul aratgeonman
Geudae eopsin deoneun geuril su eomneun
Naeiri ol jul nuga aratso

Dangsin doraogiman
Mongnoa gidarida
Cheoeum mannan geunal ildeuri
Mundeuk saenggagi natdao

Moreun cheok geonnen pyeonjie sseuin
Gomineul moreul ri eopgetjiman
Seotun jinsim jongi gadeuki damgin
Naui maeum kkok arajusio

Nae gyeote jamdeun geudael bomyeon
Nungae maechineun geu mal
Sesang kkeute seoge doedeorado
Dangsineul saranghae

Saranghaneun nima
Hagopeun mari itso