Park Ji Yoon (박지윤)
"Dear My Husband (남편에게)"

English Translation Lyrics:

There was a time
When I only looked at you and trusted you
It was like a dream

The love that was enough with you alone
That seemed would last forever
Is now gone

The oath we took to be together forever
Broke down so easily
At the slightest breeze

Should I hold onto you, who is wavering?
But I have no more love left in me

Our promise broke like it was nothing
So you need to give it your all
Because hearts change
Quickly and slyly
As always, it’s worse than being strangers

I won’t ever share with anyone
What’s in my hand
Besides your heart, I will take everything
Everything you have

I’m sure you had your reasons
Your tired excuses

The breeze feels so nice
Though my flower is wilting
Over your smile

I know very well what will happen next
Though only you don’t know
You and I are now
Part of this perfect plan
That I dreamed of



Geudaeman barabogo mitgo
Geureon ttaega isseosseo
Kkum gatdeon sigan

Geudae hanaroman chungbunhaetdeon
Yeongwon halgeot gatdeon sarangeun
Ije eomneungeol

Pyeongsaengeul hamkke hajan maengse
Swipgedo sseureojyeo
Jageun barame

Heundeullyeobeorin neol jabaya hana
Nameun sarang nan

Amureochi anke buswobeorin yaksok
Neon modeun geol georeoya halgeoya
Maeumeun byeonhaebeoryeo
Ppareugo gansahage
Eonje geuraennyaneun deut namboda deo han chaero.

Geu nuguege rado nanwojuji ana
Nae sone inneun geot
Geudae maeum ppaego modu naega gajilgeoya
Geudaega gajin modeun geot

Neoneun neomanui iyuga itji
Neomanui geureoldeuthan byeonmyeong

Barameun cham jochi
Nae kkocheun jigo jineunde
Neoui useume

Neoman moreuneun daeum yaegi nan jal algo isseo
Neowa nan ije
Naega kkumkkudeon
Wanbyeokan geurim