Ok Joo Hyun – Home Lyrics

English Translation:

I walk down the alley in front of my house
It feels unfamiliar, the place I passed by every day

I am finally here
I was myself, why was it so difficult
I was imagining myself as an adult
And that kid who I was is smiling
The smile is as it was

I want to build a home again
The room only for me that I can rest without any words
I want to dream a deep dream
To the place I can wake up only with the sunlight
Tomorrow again, where am I
Again the noisy morning comes there

When the door opens, again to the outside
Adjusting myself to the scenery that I was most familiar with

The more scared, the more the kids smile
I am anxious like those kids
I guess it’s same for everybody
Am I the only one lying
Are you okay?

I want to build myself again
Me who is beautiful and firm without wobble
I want to sleep deeply
As deeply as I forget every painful things
As I roll over overnight
Again the noisy morning comes there

What did the time do
Is it even going
I grew up so little
Here, a little kid inside me
I wonder if I am the only one like this
I wonder if I am the only one who stopped
I won’t look back repeatedly

I want to build a home again

I want to build a home again
At the place where the sea comes when the wind blows
I want to let the door open
Like a person with no fear

In the morning, like a lie
Let me open the eyes in that home


Na georeoyo jip ap golmogeul
Maeil jinachideon I gosi cham natseoneyo

Nan gyeolguk yeoginneunde
Nan nayeonneunde wae himgyeowonna
Eoreuni doel nae moseup geuryeobodeon
Eorin naega utgo inneyo
Utneun geon geudaerone

Dasi jibeul jitgo sipeo
Amu mareobsi swil su inneun namanui bangeul
Gipeun kkumeul kkugo sipeo
Haessal maneuro kkael su inneun gose
Naeireun tto naneun eodie
Tto soranseureon achimi one jeogi

Mun yeollimyeon dasi bakkeuro
Gajang iksukhaetdeon punggyeong soge nal matchumyeo

Geobi deo manhajimyeon deo utge doeneun
Aideulcheoreom buranhaeyo
Modu geureon geogetjyo
Na honjaman geojitmalhanayo
Geudaeneun gwaenchannnayo?

Dasi nareul jitgo sipeo
Heundeullim eobsi areumdapgo dandanhan nareul
Gipeun jameul jago sipeo
Apeun modeun geon da ijeobeoril mankeum
Dwicheogimyeo bameul jisaeda
Tto soranseureon achimi one jeogi

Siganeun mueol haenneunji
Heureugoneun inneunji
Eojjeom jogeumdo jaran ge eomneun
Yeogi nae anui jageun ai
Naman ireon geon aninga sipeo
Naman meomchun geon anin geonji
Jakku doraboji anheullae

Dasi jibeul jitgo sipeo

Dasi jibeul jitgo sipeo
Baram bul ttaemyeon badaga oneun geureon gose
Muneul yeoreodugo sipeo
Duryeoun geosi eomneun saramcheoreom

Achimimyeon geojitmalcheoreom
Geu jibeseo nuneul tteuge haejwo