Nep Members Profile

Nep is a new 4-member South Korean girl band under Naeum Entertainment. They group name came from the combined word “New Passion”. They debuted on September 2012 with the title song “DoRaDoRa” which means “Crazy Crazy” in english.



Stage Name: Sujin (수진)
Real Name: Kwon Sujin (권수진)
Birthdate: April 6th 1991 (21 years old)
Position: Vocalist
Height: 168cm

Stage Name: Jisu (지수)
Real Name: Jin Jisu (진지수)
Birthdate: May 14th 1991 (21 years old)
Position: Main Vocalist
Height: 163 cm

Stage Name: Ami (아미)
Real Name: Woo Ami (우아미)
Birthdate: June 5th 1994 (18 years old)
Position: Vocalist/Main Dancer
Height: 169 cm

Stage Name: Eun Che (은채)
Real Name: Kim Eun Che (김은채)
Birthdate: July 29th 1994 (18 years old)
Position: Vocalist/Maknae
Height: 165 cm

Source: Daum