msftz (미스피츠)
"Facetime, Face me"

English Translation:

I don’t wanna go to sleep
I don’t want this day to be meaningless
After I told you I’d sleep
I actually didn’t sleep
No, I couldn’t sleep
So I got up and got out of bed
And just sat here

Piercing through the silent night
Are my sad thoughts
At times like this, everything is meaningless
I’m so afraid

Everything I was holding onto
Is painfully piercing me and running away
When I cover my eyes
All of these thoughts start to swallow me in the end
As if it’ll take me far away, to a place with endless darkness

Piercing through the silent night
Are my sad thoughts
Every time I fall like this
I’m afraid I won’t be able to get up again

I love you
But you can’t ever save me
It’s too hard to unravel all of this
Things have already gotten too tangled up
I’m so afraid


Jamdeulgo sipji ana
Geujeo uimi eomneun harureul bonaegi sileun geol
Jal geora malhan dwi
Sasil nan jamdeulji anasseo
Ani jal su eopseosseo
Dasi ireona chimdaeeseo nawa
Gamanhi anja isseosseo

Goyohan bameul ttulko
Peojineun nae seulpeun saenggak
Ireol ttaen modeun ge uimi eopseojyeo
Nan neomu museowo

Kkyeoanatdeon modeun ge
Apeuge nareul jjireugo domanggabeorine
Du nuneul garimyeon
I modeun saenggagi gyeolgugen
Nareul samkigo
Jeo meolli kkeuchi eomneun eoduun gose
Deryeoga beoril geot gata

Joyonghan bameul ttulko peojineun nae seulpeun saenggak
Duryeowo ireoke neomeojil ttaemada
Dasin ireoseoji mothal kkabwa

Saranghae hajiman neon
Jeoldae nal guhal sun eopseo
Eoryeowo modeun geol pureonaegien
Eongkyeobeorin dwiya
Nan neomu museowo