Lee Minho – Song For You Lyrics

English Translation:

Darker than this dark night
The distance stretched farther into the dark eyes
The world which fills my chest and my heart oh my dream

The nearer you come to me who is tired, the eyes become clearer
You are my sunshine, like a strange bright beam
Brighten the deepest part of my heart

Follow the star
Follow the road
When you come, be by my side, we pass another day just like this

The one who brightens me
The one who fills me
To me there is only my everything my world

I want to sing
Sing for you

No words can explain, onlythrough your eyes which look at me, my love

Sing for you


Kkaman bamhaneul boda deo gameun du nune gireun deo meoreojyeo gago
Gaseum gadeukhi chaewojin mam sok gadeukhi dameun sesang oh my dream

Jichin naege deo gakkai bichin nune deo seonmyeonghi
You are my sunshine natseon han julgi biccheoreom
Gaseum gadeukhi gamchun mameul barkhyeojwo

Byeoreul ttara
Gireul ttara
Niga isseoseo, naege wajwoseo tto saraga harumankeum

Nareul bichun
Gadeuk chaeun
Ojik neo mani, naegen sesang modeun geot

Nan noraehalge
Neoreul wihaeseo

Eotteon mallodo bujokhae geujeo barabon ne nun soge in my love

Neoreul wihaeseo