Lee Hi – Turn It Up Lyrics

English Translation:

Every time you fall down, laugh louder and get up again
Higher than the time you fell down cuz my name is HI
Where the music is, I am there as well – music is my life
Even in the deepest darkness, I brightly shine – I’m a star

At the club, on the streets, in your headphones
You hear my voice and till this moment
I shed so much sweat and tears
I remember, I can’t forget
And now it’s time to shine!

Turn it up!
Put your hands up, raise em HI
Close your eyes
Be one with the music
Now right this moment, say my name

Turn it up!
Turn up the volume, raise it HI
If you feel me, say my name



Neomeojil ttaemada deo keuge useumyeo ireona.
Neomeojideon geuttaeboda nopi cuz my name is “HI”!
Eumagi inneun gose naega isseo. Music is my life.
Nan gipeun eodum sogedo barkge bitna I’m a STAR!

Keulleobeseo, georieseo, hedeupon sogeseo
Nae moksoriga deullineun I sungankkaji
Eolmana manheun nunmulgwa ttam heullyeonneunji
Gieokhae. itji motae.
And now it’s time to shine!

Turn it up!
Soneul wiro, raise em HI!
Du nuneul gamgo
Eumakgwa hanaga doen
Ja, I sungane say my name.

Turn it up!
Bollyumeul wiro, raise it HI!
Naega neukkyeojimyeon say my name.