Jung Seung Hwan (정승환)
"Winter Again (어김없이 이 거리에)"

English Translation:

I remember everything
The air that wrapped around us at around this time
The wind that had just gotten cold
The warmth of when I held your hands

The day we awkwardly exchanged our first greeting
And then suddenly, how you started to laugh like me

When I look back, all the days were good
Just because it was you
The air I blew on our hands was so warm
And without fail, it’s winter again here

You said you really wanted to see it with me
That night, when you told me about the aurora
So I thought about it
And decided I would be by your side

Fluttering hearts today more than yesterday
That’s the kind of love I wanted to be for you

Your favorite season has returned
When we first met
I see you across the street, you always seem like a dream
Without fail, on this street

Waiting for you like a promise
Staying at the same place all the time
I want to become that kind of person to you
My warmth is you

Your favorite season has returned
Just like the joyful first snow
I see you across the street, that always seems like a dream to me
I’m gonna go run to you and hug you
Without fail, on this street
I hope we have a good winter


Da gieokae geu modeun geol
Imamttae uril gamssadeon gonggi
Mak chagawojideon baram
Ne soneul jabasseul ttaeui ondo

Eosaekaetdeon cheosinsareul nanudeon nal
Eoneusae neocheoreom utdeon na

Itji dorabomyeon modeun nari joasseo
Geujeo neoran iyuro
Du son moa bureo bodeon ipgimedo ttaseuhaesseotji
Eogimeopsi I georie gyeoul

Kkok hamkke bogo sipdago
Orora yaegil haejudeon geu bam
Nan geureon saenggageul haesseo
Naega neoui gyeochi doeeoyaji

Eojeboda oneuri deo seolleneun
Geureon sarangi doego sipeo

Dasi nega joahaneun geu gyejeoriya
Uri cheoeum mannatdeon
Gil geonneoe nega boyeo naneun hangsang geuge kkumgata
Eogimeopsi I georie uri

Yaksokcheoreom gidarineun il
Geu jarie isseojuneun il
Naega neoui geureon saram geureon gosi doegopa
Naui ttaseuhami neoideut

Dasi nega joahaneun geu gyejeoriya
Bangaun cheonnuncheoreom
Gil geonneoe nega isseo naneun hangsang geuge kkumgata
Dallyeoga neol anayaji
Eogimeopsi I georie jal butakae uriui gyeoul