Jewelry – Rhythm HA! Lyrics

English Translation:

Yeah ah, Baby-J
Jewelry I’m Ready
Let’s Party, Let’s GO!!

Yo!! In this moment, I’m the best
I’ve invited you to this music as the guest
Rhythm and Beat and Drum and Bass
I play with them however I want, I’m the ace
It keeps running, my rap race, believe in me, keep the faith

I’m JJ Baby-J, don’t do anything else and focus on me
You’ll see and you’ll hear, every single day, got it?
Hey you, hey hey
Aren’t you curious what kind of music it is?
I have so much to show you from now on
You’ll clearly fall into each and every song from track 1

More than anyone else
I’m on top, more than anyone else, I’m so hot
I don’t wanna stop, don’t don’t stop
Everyone together, yo yo let’s rock
My level is different, I have a different feel
I’ve become a bit more perfect, now I’m a lady

It’s Like That Like That, I’m so proud of myself
For not losing the music, for enjoying this moment

It’s Like That Like That, I’m so relieved
That I can let you listen to this
That I can show you myself like this

Ah Baby-J!! Ha Ha!! I’m Out!!


Yeah ah, baby-j
Jewelry i’m ready
Let’s party, let’s go!!

Yo!! Jigeum I sunganeun naega best
Ieumage chodaedoen choegoui guest,
Ije got teojyeojul bomb blast
Juche hal su eopdamyeon shake that ass,
Rhythm & beat & drum & bass
Meotdaero gatgo noneun naega ace,
Gyesok dallyeoganeun naui rap race
Nareul mideobwa keep the faith.

I’m jj baby-j
Ttancheongpiji malgo nal jusihaei,
Bogo deureul geol? Every single day
Aradeureosseo? Geogi hey hey!!
Eotteon eumagilji gunggeumhajianha? Nan
Jigeumbuteo boyeojulge ajumanha,
1beon teuraekbuteo hanahana
Ppajyeodeureulgeol neon bonamana,

Geu nuguboda i’m on top
Nuguboda i’m so hot,
Meomchuginsirheo don’t don’t stop!
Modugachi yo yo! Let’s rock!
Chawoni dalla nan, dareun neukkimi isseo nan,
Jom deo wanbyeokhaejyeosseo nan
Ijen ladyga dwaesseo nan.

It’s like that like that
Nan jeongmallo jarangseureowo,
Eumageul nochi anhaseo tto
I sunganeul jeulgigo isseoseo,
It’s like that like that
Nan jeongmallo dahaengseureowo,
Deullyeo jul suga isseoseo
Ireoke nal boyeo jul suga isseoseo

Ah~~ baby-j!!
Ha ha!!
I’m out!!