JERO – Rockstar Lyrics

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She don’t wanna rockstar
Swipge saenggakaji ana
I feel like I’m in georgia

Don’t sleep girl

I need to find someone
Don’t need lonely summer

Oh girl

I ain’t no rush girl

Gyesok tinan feelin
So come with me baby
Girl nan

I wanna see you baby
Na ah ah

And girl
You should be honest

Deo hago sipeo right now
Wol hwa su mok ani iljuil

I need you baby

Your love is true
Something in this room

I need you

Something special

I got that shit that you’re cravin’

I can’t say nothing

Baro ollata dwiro doraga
How you feel it baby

Do it for me
Beotgo malhae baby

Sunsikgane switchin
Saebyeok sesi
Eongkin dulmanui issue
He can’t fuck you like I fuck you
Jigeum yeogi pillyo eopseo nan tissue

Girl I never talk to anyone

Oh love

Hold up

Neowa nanun yaegineun da westside e nwadugo
Let’s create the cancer sign

My love don’t come easy
Baby easy
Akkigin deo silchi
I’m singin’

And its all for you

All I need’s some lovin’,
Some fuckin’

I can’t take my eyes off you
So baby

Baby I can ride with you
No one else can teach you