Jellyfish Ent. Artists – Winter Confession Lyrics

(VIXX, Sung Si Kyung, Park Hyo Shin, Seo In Guk, Yeo Deong Saeng)

English Translation:

On the day the first snow came
I called you
Because I want to tell the happiest things
To you first

My voice was calm
But actually, I was nervous
Because what I wanted to tell you when we meet
Is my greatest genuine heart

All day, I hesitated
Then after seeing the white snow fall outside the window
My heart started to flutter
So I ran to your house

After saying this and that and changing the subject
The moment your eyes and my eyes met
Without even knowing
I kissed you and told you my heart

I think it’s already been a year
Since I only thought of you
You probably didn’t know I had these feelings
But I still mean it

Have you thought about it?
The answer to my proposal?
I really want to hear it today
My love, please know my heart

Ah ah, voice test
As if I became an actor, I checked my lines
A man who is about to propose meets the actress who doesn’t know about the scenario
The weather is warm and I’m feeling so good
The background is the front of your house, a perfect setting
If I say my lines, I would hear a “cut”
But why did I change the proposal scene into a kiss scene?
Now, now, ready, action

I guess I waited for all this time
While my feelings grew bigger
I really hoped my heart would reach yours

Again today, I’m standing here
On the street we first met
Out of the many people
I see you from far away
You’re walking toward me

You’re smiling at me


Cheotnuni naerideon nal naneun
Nege jeonhwal haetji oh~
Gajang gippeun sosigeun da
Jel meonjeo deullyeojugo sipeoseo

Nae moksorin taeyeonhaetjiman
Sasil nan tteollyeosseo
Neoreul mannaseo haeya hal mari
Naegen neomu keun jinsimiraseo

Harujongil mangseoridaga
Changbakke naerin saehayan nune
Mam seolleyeoseo
Neoui jip apeuro nan dallyeogatji

Hoengseolsuseol maldollidaga
Neowa nae nuni majuchin sungan
Geuman nado moreuge
Immatchumyeo nae mam jeonhaetji

Beolsseo illyeoni doen geot gata
Neoman saenggakhan geon
Ireon nae mam neon mollatgetjiman
Naegen yeojeonhi keun jinsimi isseo

Harujongil mangseoridaga
Changbakke naerin saehayan nune
Mam seolleyeoseo
Neoui jip apeuro nan dallyeogatji

Manhi saenggakhaenni
Nae gobaegui daedap
Oneureun kkok na deutgo sipeo
My love nae mameul arajwo

A a moksori teseuteu
Baeuga doen deut daesado chekeu
Sinariodo moreuneun yeobaeuwa
Gobaegeul nunape dun namjaui mannam

Pogeunhan nalssi yegameun so good
Baegyeongeun neoui jip ap wanbyeokhan seoljeong
Daesaman chimyeon ‘keos’sori naol tende
Nan wae gobaek ssineul kiseu ssineuro mandeureonna
Jaja junbi action

Geu dongan nan gidaryeonnabwa
Nae mami keojin geu sigandongan
Nan ganjeolhage
Nae mami neoege dakil baraesseo

Oneuldo nan yeogi seoisseo
Uri cheom mannan geu georieseo
Sumanheun saram soge
Niga meolli boyeo
Naege georeooneun neo

Nareul bomyeo utneun neo