JAMIE (제이미)
"3D Woman"

Official English Translation:

They’re chasing my high
Bending over backwards
All the way to forty five
Yeah while I’m in the bathtub
I’m just soaking up my life (iiiiiii)
And I aint gotta try (iiiii)

Got em captivated
Like the diamond on my bracelet
You can’t miss her she glitters in the dark

Cus they watch me while I’m walking
But they listen while I’m talking
Baby all of these dimensions
More than you ever thought

Oh I
I’m a 3d woman
Oh I
Yeah you know that’s how I do it
Good things come in threes
I’m a boss n I’m hot n I’m sweet yeah
Oh I
Oh I’m
A 3d woman
Oh I

(oh this)
Oh it’s a skirt suit
Working 9 to 5
Protect my heart so its bullet proof
Tryna break my wall
I’ll let you up but you can’t get through (ooh)
Only if I choose you (oooh)