IU – Sogyeokdong Lyrics

(with Seo Taiji)

English Translation:

Strolling lonesomely down the narrow alley stairway
that you and I used to stroll down together,
the deep fragrance of the past brushes past me.

The day you went away, actually I…

Lights, icicles hanging on the eaves and the sound of sparrows
I want to stay in this beautiful village.
Do you remember Sogyeokdong?
It still remains the same today.

White flurries of snow late at night.
As the layers of white pile up, my heart flutters with anticipation.
I didn’t get a wink of sleep that night.
I couldn’t fall asleep, thinking that if I opened my eyes again,
all this would vanish before me.

One day, when the stream suddenly dried up,
my young heart died just like the water in the stream.
I remember everything about you.
Small moments in a day would make my day.
Then one day, my world turned upside down.
Cherish what you have now, for it could vanish in an instant.

I don’t want to forget about this, but I don’t even have a single photo left.
I just keep telling myself that I’ve done all I could.


Na geudaewa duri geotdeon geu jobeun golmokgyedaneul hollo georeoyo
Geu yetnarui jiteun hyanggiga nae yeopeul seuchijyo

Neol tteonaneun nal sasil nan..

Deung mit cheoma godeureumgwa chamsaesori yeppeun I maeure sal geoyeyo
Sogyeokdongeul gieokhanayo jigeumdo geudaero itjyo

Aju neujeun bam hayan nuni wasseotjyo
Sobogi ssahini nae mamdo seolletjyo
Naneun geunal bam dan hansumdo mot jatjyo
Jamdeulmyeon andwaeyo
Nuneul tteumyeon sarajijyo

Eoneu nal gapjagi geu manteon naetmuri mallagatjyo
Nae eorin maeumdo geu sinaetmulcheoreom geureoke mallatgetjyo

Neoui modeungeol du nune damgo isseotjyo
Sosohan haruga neongneokhaetdeon nal
Geureodeon eoneu nal sesangi dwijiphyeotjyo dadeul kkok jabayo
Jamkkan saie sarajijyo

Itgo sipjin anhayo hajiman naegen
Sajin han jangdo namaitjiga anchyo
Geujeo doenoemyeonseo doenoemyeonseo
Na geujeo aereul sseul ppunijyo