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IU (아이유)
"My Sea (아이와 나의 바다)"

English Translation:

But there are things that don’t heal even after time
Because I don’t love me completely
It’s a poor night for my heart

The face I see in the mirror is strange
I close my eyes silently as a habit
When the night comes, I want to hurry and go to tomorrow
I dreamed a different dream every day under so many wishes

Has the child gotten sick of being me for so long?
As the days pile up, we get further away
I don’t think I can reconcile with myself
I don’t think it’s gonna get any better

When I was young, there was an endless sea in my heart
That I was never able to hide
Now in the faintest places, only traces remain

The sound of my breath that was filled with excitement
And the breeze blowing above my head
I want to become a wave and run anywhere
Being a little scared, I slowly open my eyes

The world comes to me at every moment
And it becomes a dazzling gift
I have a big number of doubts
But I think I can find the answer to them

The memories are calling me from the other side
With the voice I had forgotten for a long time
I go back to being against the waves
In the place where the sea inside me was born

Even if I get swept away and get lost, I’m free
I don’t close my eyes to the darkness that locks me up anymore
I won’t pretend I don’t know myself again

But still sometimes
There will be days in which I’ll lose against life
Even if get lost again, I know my way back


Geureona sigani jinado
Amulji anneun ildeuri itji
Naega nal onjeonhi saranghaji mothaeseo
Mami gananhan bamiya

Geoul soge majuchin eolguri eosaekaeseo
Seupgwancheoreom joyonghi nuneul gama
Bami doemyeon seodulleo naeillo gago sipeo
Sumaneun sowon arae maeil dareun kkumeul kkudeon

Aineun geureoke oraen sigan
Gyeou naega doeryeogo apatdeon geolkka
Ssaineun harumankeum deo meoreojyeo
Urineun hwahaehal su eopseul geot gata
Naajiji aneul geot gata

Eorin nal nae mamen yeongwonhi
Gamulji anneun badaga isseotji
Ijeneun heunjeongmani nama huimihan geugosen

Seollemeuro chaoreudeon naui sumsoriwa
Meori wiro seonseonhi buneun baram
Padoga doeeo eodirodeun dallyeogago sipeo
Jageun duryeoum arae cheoncheonhi du nuneul tteumyeon

Sesangeun geureoke modeun sungan
Naegero wa nunbusin seonmuri doego
Suthage uisimhadeon naneun geujeya
Naege daedapal su isseul geot gata

Seon neomeoe gieogi
Nareul bureugo isseo
Aju oraen sigan dongan
Itgo itdeon moksorie

Mulgyeoreul geoseulleo na doraga
Nae anui badaga taeeonan goseuro

Hwipsseullyeo gireul ileodo jayurowa
Deoisang nal gaduneun eodume nun gamji ana
Du beon dasi nal moreun cheok haji ana

Geureomedo yeojeonhi gakkeumeun
Salege jineun naldeuldo itgetji
Ttodasi hemaeiljirado doraoneun gireul ara

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