IU (아이유)
"Love Letter (러브레터)"

English Translation Lyrics:

I remember the first goodbye said hesitantly in the alleyway
I can’t forget the nod of that day
I remember the silence at dawn on the roadside
I can’t forget the five o’clock of that day

Under the long, straight eyelashes
In the letters written with so much love

At the poor whistle that you occasionally blew
I stay in all of those places places

Under the underline drawn with the pencil I loved
The names we wrote side by side

On the shoelaces that were tied with careless worries
I stay in all of those places places
In the spring song I liked and the falling snowflakes
I stay in you more than anywhere else

I stay here
Don’t you cry


Golmokgil meomuthadeon cheot annyeongeul gieokao
Geunarui kkeudeogimeul nan ijeul su eopdao

Gilgae naerin saebyeok geu goyoreul gieokao
Geunarui daseotsireul nan ijeul su eopdao

Bandeuthage naerin gidaran songnunsseop arae
Mopsido saranghi jeogeodun geulssideure

Ittageum bulleojudeon hyeongpyeoneomneun hwiparame
Geu modeun naui jarie na meomulleo itdao

Akkideon yeonpillo geueonoeun mitjul arae
Uri dul naranhi jeogeodun ireumdeure

Musimhan geokjeongeuro mukkeojudeon sinbalkkeune
Geu modeun naui jarie na meomulleo itdao

Joahadeon bom noraewa naerineun nunsongiedo
Eodiboda geudae ane na meomulleo itdao

Na meomulleo itdao geudae ulji masio