Im Jun Hyeok (임준혁)
"Love is Like a Dream (꿈결같은 사랑)"

English Translation:

After countless time has passed
This dream-like love has come to me
Shaking up my once silent heart
On a spring day with scattering flower petals

Among the countless relationships
I’m thankful for the love that came to me
A flower has bloomed on this dry branch
When your smile melted my heart

Today and tomorrow
I’ll love you more than I love myself
Even the rough world or the cold eyes
I’m not afraid of them anymore, if I have you

Today and tomorrow
You are more precious than myself
Let’s go toward a brighter tomorrow than yesterday


Sumaneun seworeul jina
Naegero wajun kkumgyeolgateun sarang
Goyohan naemameul heundeureobeorin
Kkochip nallideon bom nare

Sumaneun inyeondeul soge
Naegero wajun sarangi gomawo
Memareun gajie kkotdeul pieona
Nae mameul nogideon geu miso

Oneuldo naeildo
Naboda geudael deo saranghae
Geochin sesangdo chagaun siseondo
Ijen duryeopji ana geudaeramyeon

Oneuldo naeildo
Naboda geudaen deo sojunghae
Eojeboda deo challanhan naeireul hyanghae
Hamkkegayo uri