Hong Kyung Min – Win And Comeback Lyrics

English Translation:

You, who is solitary and fighting against the rough world again today
Life is like a war so win and come back
Even if you want to escape from the daily struggle for money that’s pressed down by this world
Because you have your dream, you are great for enduring through the day

Let everything out with a deep breath
On the road that you are traveling alone without rest

Don’t lose, don’t lose to this cowardly world
Don’t cry, don’t cry even if your heart crumbles
Get up, get up, even if you fall several times

You can do it, win and come back
Boldly win and come back


Oneuldo geochireun sesanggwa ssauneun godokhan dangsiniyeo
Insaengeul saneun geon jeonjaenggwa gateun geot igigo doraora
Dapdaphan sesang jitnullin harusari beoseonago sipeodo
Naekkumi itgie oneureul beotineun dangsineun widaehada

Gipeun hansum soge modeungeol tohaenaego
Swilteumeobsi honjaseo ganeun gire

Jijimara jijimara bigeophan sesangege
Uljimara uljimara gaseumi muneojyeodo
Ireonara ireonara myeotbeoneul neomeojyeodo

Dangsineun hal su isseo igigo doraora
Dangdanghage igigo doraora