Gogang (고갱)
"The String"

English Translation:

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Why are we like this
Our dust is flying around
No more rain to wash the sadness like in mars

We’re holding on to worn string
Lookin’ at each other on screen between us, still we are

But the string is about to break
And the screen is starting to crack, steadily, steadily

Mari eomneun neo
Mareul haneun nun soge
Hollanseureoun I kkeuteseo oneuldo

Nalgo daleun kkeuneul japgo
Kkeuneojimeul gidarineun neowa na hanbeon deo

Ganeudaran kkeuneul mukkeo
Kkeuneojimeul oemyeonhaneun urideul

We’re dots without dimension
The strings in one dimension
We’re, we’re…

Why are we like this