E Hyuk (이혁)
"If I'm allowed (다시 허락된다면)"

English Translation:

There were so many times
When we were together but I couldn’t speak
So even I’m surprised at how calm I am
When this tiring love doesn’t make sense

I sent you a text out of habit
The emptiness that comes
From indifferently texting you and forgetting about it
I’m ok with it now

If I ever see you again
I think my heart will dangerously break
Our love comforts me
So even if I want to forget you, I can’t

I heard updates about her
I try to turn away but I’m back at the same place again
Whenever the song we used to listen to together plays on the radio

I go back to the happy days
Trying to take back those thorny words I threw at you
So I can wipe away those cold tears
I’m only realizing this now, my love was so foolish

My poor and kind person
Please forgive my cruelty

We will become calm as time goes on
And our scars will fade with different love

If I ever see you again
I think my heart will dangerously break
You’re filled with the spring sunshine
I want you but I can’t have you

My foolish love remains in a corner of my heart


Amu maldo mot haetdeon
Hamkkehan sigani eolmankeuminde
Damdamhan nae maeume nado nolla
Jichin I sarangi marina doeneunji

Seupgwancheoreom munjareul bonae
Musimhage sseugoneun ijeobeorineun
Naege heorakan gongheoham ije gwaenchantago

Doedora na neol dasi mannamyeon
Witaerowo kkaejil geot gatdeon nae maeum
Neowaui sarangeuro dadongnyeo
Itgo sipeodo itji mothal nae saram

Deullyeooneun geunyeoui sosik
Aesseo oemyeonhae bwado dasi geu jari
Hamkke deutdeon norae radioeseo naol ttaemyeon

Haengbokan nallo dasi doraga
Gasicheoreom deonjin nae maldeul geodwo
Chagaun nunmureul dakkajulkka
Ije kkaedatgo maneun miryeonhan sarang

Gayeopgo chakan nae saram
Janinhan nal budi yongseohaejwo

Sigani heulleo damdamhaejil uri
Dareun sarange heurithaejil geu sangcheo

Doedora dasi heorakdoendamyeon
Witaerowo kkaejil geot gatdeon nae maeum
Bomnarui haetsareul gadeuk dama
Gatgo sipeodo gatji mothal nae saram

Gaseum han kyeonen miryeonhan sarang