Chen & Krystal – When I Was, When U Were Lyrics

English Translation:

I didn’t want much, you were always by my side
The way you talk and your smile always made me smile
I didn’t hate it

Really? I didn’t know because you always smiled as if you were a little annoyed
Look at my eyes, do you mean it?
Sometimes, without even knowing, I think of the cold you
It’s strange how my heart races

One season, two seasons pass and it’s been a year
But the thing I can’t forget
Is the sound of your laugh whenever I talked

Really? I didn’t know because you were always frustrated with me
You were always pouting and mad, it was so cute
Sometimes, without even knowing, I hear your voice in my ears
I try to cover my ears but it’s no use

How have you been? I’ll ask first
I’m… doing really well
Stop lying
Although we don’t know everything about each other…

For me, it was good
How we used to care for each other
For me, it’ll be painful
Even when the seasons endlessly change
But it’s alright, but it’s alright


Manheun geol baran geon anya neul gyeote isseotdeon geon
Neoui maltu misoga nal utge mandeureotji eonjena,
Geureon nega sirchi anhasseo

Geuraenni naneun mollasseo hangsang gwichanheun deut useoseo
Nae nuneul barabwa jinsimini?
Gakkeumeun nado moreuge muttukttukhan nega tteoolla
Ireon nae mam seolleneun naega isanghae woo..

Han gyejeol du gyejeol jina, 1nyeoni da dwaegado
Ichyeojijiga annneun geon
Neul jaejalgeorideon nal bomyeonseo saeeonaon ne useumsori

Geuraenni naneun mollasseo eonjena dapdaphae haetjanha
Neul ppyorotonghan neo gwiyeowotji
Gakkeumeun nado moreuge gwitgae ne moksori deullyeo
Gwireul magaboado soyongeomneun geol woo..

Eotteoke jinae?, naega meonjeo mureulge
Nan, neomu jal jinae
Geojitmal ma, na.. Da al suneun eopgetjiman seororeul

Nan mallya, johasseosseo
Neowa na seoro akkyeotdeon
Nan mallya, apeul geoya
Gyejeori sueobsi jinagado
Geuraedo gwaenchanha, geuraedo gwaenchanha woo