BTS – Cypher Part 1 Lyrics

English Translation:

Damn the hip-hop pride, idol rapper? Cut that bullshit
He’s originally an idol shit anyway – they look down on me
They give their principles to the dogs and laugh at my name
You only know how to go with the tide and look down on others, how you kill me?
So I bring the monster back, my monster swag
So this is the monster track cuz of my freakin monster rap
The modern day Hong Kil Dong’s, they see good things but can’t call it good
Third generation leader, so I’mma lead ya, this is a generation change
I’m sayin yeah I’m the top of the top of the top
Poppin em, rockin em, stoppin em, blockin em, like the Cassius’ lance
Imma don, don’t turn the beat off becuz I’m not freakin done
Don’t play around on top of the beat, cuz every kick is my freaking zone
I was always generous but now I’mma murder you rappers
Cut em up by order then I’mma murder you haters
Now look at me and tell me, who’s in your top 5?
Rap Monster, Randa, Rida, Rapmon, your dad

Right now it’s hope world from BTS
Everyone follows me, my potential gets retweeted
Let everyone know my flow, ride your eardrums and fill your bodies
I sharpened my sword for tomorrow, get back in the days
Considering my age, I was a kid who didn’t know rhymes
I was just a common kid from Gwangju who looked at idols
Now I’ll show you, on the Cypher on top of this track
I’ll reveal my aspirations, I’m above the minors
It’s a major different from you, uh I fill up the TV screen
Rapper costume? No, I take away the foam and spit it out, whatever I want
Wherever I go, it becomes an issue
If you’re jealous, go to the hospital, two weeks to heal
Everyone who hoped for my defeat is holding onto their necks
J-Hope plays a foul on top of the game that rides with hip-hop pride

I have yet to go to the army but my hobby is sharpshooting
We are bulletproof was a big hit
The clumsy fakers was pricked and reacted
Feel a little more inferior, the quality of my pronunciation is 4k
I’m dope man, I’m the Chopin of the beat
I won’t ever change, I was born a rapper, my attitude is my mentor
Even if you talk smack about me, I’m memento
Show your hip-hop pride but you’ll still feel impotent
Hide your jealousy, I can see your IP address
I’m a boiler, I get hot in an instant
Like a spoiler, you’re so typical
Fixed up and stupid hip-hop losers with nothing inside
It’s too hard to last in this growing world of K-Pop so just rap as a hobby
It’s the end of the world, if you’re guilty, try harder, what


Damn hipbusim, aidol raeppeo? Cut that bulssi
Eochapi bonjireun aidol swisiramyeo nal musihae
Jutdae ttawineun gaejugo nae ireumeul biutji
Multagiwa musibakke moreuneun nideuri, how you kill me?
So I bring the monster back, my monster swag
So this is the monster track cuz of my freaking monster rap
Hyeondaepan honggildongdeul, joheun geol bogodo jotago motae
3sedae rideo so imma lead ya igeon sedaegyoche
I’m sayin yeah im the top of the top of the top
Poppin’em, rockin’em, stoppin’em, blockin’em, like the cassius’ lance
Imma don, biteu kkeujima becuz im not freakin done
Biteu wieseon kkabuljima cuz every kick is my freaking zone
Nan wollae gwandaehae but now imma murder your rappers
Charyedaero sseoreobeorigo then imma murder you haters
Ja ije nal bwa, geurigo malhaebwa nuga ni top 5?
Raemmonseuteo, randa, rida, raemmon, ni appa

Jigeumeun hope world, from bts
Jeonbu nal follow nae ganeungseongeun riteuwitdwae
Moduege allyeo nae flow, gomageul tago ni momeul chaewo
Kareul garasseo, naeireul wihae get back in the days
Naido naigo, raimdo mollatdeon aigo
Geujeo aidol barabon gwangjuui heunhan aiyeotdeon na
Geurae ijen boyeojulge I teuraek wi cyphereseo
Nae pobureul barkhyeo i’m above the minors
Geurae neowan dareun meijeo uh tv screeneul nan chaewo uh
Raepeo koseutyum? No geopumeul geodugo naebaeteo
Naega wonhadeon geoseul, nan jigeum eodil gado isyugam
Baega apeumyeon byeongwon ga jeonchi 2jugam
Nae paebaereul baraetdeon saramdeul da dwitmogeul japji
Hipbusim panchineun geim wi j-hopeeun banchig

Nan mipil but chwimineun jeogyeok
We are bulletproofro hanbangeul meogyeotji
Eoseolpeun gajjadeureun jjillyeo baneunghaji
Jomdeo yeolpok haebwara nae bareumhwajireun 4k
I’m dope man nan biteu wieseon syopaeng
Nan jeolttae an byeonhae taeeonal ttaebuteo nan motae
Born rapper, my attitudeneun nae mento
Nideuri ssipgo mureo tteudeodo nan memento
Hipbusim buryeobwa naege neukkineun muryeokgam
Jiltusim sumgyeora ni aipi da boilla
Nan boilleo sunsikgane hothaejyeotji
Seupoilleocheoreom neoneun an bwado ppeonhaejyeotji
Sokjeol eobsi meongcheonghan hipjjijiril gochyeonwatji
Geunbon eobsi keojyeogan I gayogyen gongjonhagien
Ppakse geureoni raebeun chwimiro hae
Malseya malse, jjillimyeon noryeokhae what