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Zico & Wendy The King: Eternal Monarch OST Part 10 Cover

Zico & Wendy – My Day Is Full Of You Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: I think it’s a dream to meet you Come down into my heart with the light I’ll put you in my eyes I’ll keep you by my side forever I’ll gonna give time for you Listen…

Zico Boys and Girls

Zico – Boys And Girls Lyrics

English Translation: OH UH OH UH Don’t worry about money Let’s play, oppa will be the one who spends too much – You just comfortably get your Groove on next to me, alright I’m a…

Zico Well Done

Zico – Well Done Lyrics

(Feat. Ja Mezz) English Translation: I only chased after my dreams so hard I can’t see the finish line because I couldn’t be satisfied It’s the hard knock life, I’m the type to be more…

Zico Tough Cookie

Zico – Tough Cookie Lyrics

(Feat. Don Mills) English Translation: Hello all you idiots who still look at me with that sour attitude I’m sorry but Block B has been sweeping charts Grabbing trophies without any manipulation, I made it…

No Image

Zico – Like That Lyrics

(Feat. Johee of 8eight) English Translation: I’m the best, you’re the best too? Then you f*cking take the title I don’t care about being the best I only need salt, don’t need any other sauce…

Zico - Sam

Block B Zico – Sam Lyrics

English Translation: (Z-I-CO) (Aren’t you jealous?) Seems like I wouldn’t know right? I already know everything, your true feelings The light that you worked so hard for Is covered by my shadow, inferiority complex explodes…

Zico On The Block 1.5

Block B Zico – Battle Royal Lyrics

English Translation: My eyes open before the day breaks Stuff in chicken breasts, lettuce into my mouth Dash out to Han River, run a marathon Anemia value rises, feeling sharp pains Can’t finish, time to…