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ZICO 3rd EP Cover

ZICO – Roommate Lyrics

Official English Translation: We’re in a cold war, been watching TV for an hour and a half We end up breaking a laugh at the same scene We make each other lose and go insane…

ZICO 3rd EP Cover

ZICO – No You Can’t Lyrics

Official English Translation: Who could have known? From a bean-sized little rookie Now thought to be one of the top rankers You’re just loud, your throat is the only thing major, yeah I’m going mental,…

ZICO 3rd EP Cover

ZICO – Love & Hate Lyrics

Official English Translation: Here we go again All I’m saying is Won’t back down even a little bit You claim to be right all the time Why does our peace Not last even for a…

ZICO 3rd EP Cover

ZICO – Cartoon Lyrics

Official English Translation: Who are you I can’t take my eyes off you I lose my sense of reality, get dazed when I see you This scenery, like from a cartoon Oh my, never seen…

ZICO 3rd EP Cover

ZICO – Summer Hate Lyrics

Official English Translation: Good morning I almost slept in until the moon came up, z-z-z I got up barely to the doorbell of the delivery man Five missed calls Wrong pattern lock on my phone…

Zico Boys and Girls

Zico – Boys And Girls Lyrics

English Translation: OH UH OH UH Don’t worry about money Let’s play, oppa will be the one who spends too much – You just comfortably get your Groove on next to me, alright I’m a…

Zico Well Done

Zico – Well Done Lyrics

(Feat. Ja Mezz) English Translation: I only chased after my dreams so hard I can’t see the finish line because I couldn’t be satisfied It’s the hard knock life, I’m the type to be more…

Zico Tough Cookie

Zico – Tough Cookie Lyrics

(Feat. Don Mills) English Translation: Hello all you idiots who still look at me with that sour attitude I’m sorry but Block B has been sweeping charts Grabbing trophies without any manipulation, I made it…

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Zico – Like That Lyrics

(Feat. Johee of 8eight) English Translation: I’m the best, you’re the best too? Then you f*cking take the title I don’t care about being the best I only need salt, don’t need any other sauce…

Zico - Sam

Block B Zico – Sam Lyrics

English Translation: (Z-I-CO) (Aren’t you jealous?) Seems like I wouldn’t know right? I already know everything, your true feelings The light that you worked so hard for Is covered by my shadow, inferiority complex explodes…