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ZE:A 2nd mini-Album Cover

ZE:A – Breathe Lyrics

English Translation: It’s time to rise, it’s time to shine The sound of your breath I can’t forget you I toss and turn, only sighing because I’m thinking of you I get up and drink…

ZE:A 2nd mini-Album Cover

ZE:A – One Lyrics

English Translation: One dream, One thing, One chance, in my life Though I’m smiling, I’m not really smiling Every night, I can’t even say anything I don’t know why but I’m scared of the mornings…

ZE:A 2nd mini-Album Cover

ZE:A – Stagger Lyrics

English Translation: Baby come back to my arms I didn’t know how sad it is to eat alone You used to noisily chat next to me I didn’t know how lonely it is to fall…

ZE:A 2nd mini-Album Cover

ZE:A – Wobble Lyrics

English Translation: Stop it Now, Stop it Now, Stop it Now Stop the Lie, Stop the Lie, Stop the Lie Stop it Now, Stop it Now, Stop it Now Stop the Lie, Stop the Lie…

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ZE:A – Crazy Lyrics

English Translation: If you keep doing whatever you want, it’ll be difficult I’m not that easy of a person That’s what I think but for some reason, I can’t tell you I can’t believe I’m…

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ZE:A – No. 1 Lyrics

English Translation: Why do you keep avoiding me? Why do you keep misunderstanding? You’ve fallen into a swamp of illusions that you’ve made up, no way, no way, no way Listen to me, please believe…

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ZE:A – U’re My Sweety Lyrics

English Translation: You, who is dating me, always look pretty, always look good You, who only looks at me, look so cute, look so thankful Should I buy you a single stemmed flower? Candy? Chocolate?…

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ZE:A – The Ghost Of Wind Lyrics

English Translation: I’m like a ghost, who can’t be seen only in your eyes Why can’t you see me I want to take out my hidden heart but One step back, to you I’m a…

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ZE:A – Step By Step Lyrics

English Translation: When I’m watching a movie by myself,when I’m eating by myself When I’m walking by myself, I think of you In case you find out, I try not to call you But I…

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ZE:A – Beautiful Lady Lyrics

English Translation: You’re so beautiful baby girl, let me tell you You’re so beautiful, how beautiful you are, tonight Woo woo woo woo woo your eyes, Woo woo woo woo woo your smile Woo woo…